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New, Killer Testimonial Posted with the BBB

New, Killer Testimonial Posted with the BBB

A new testimonial was just posted to our business profile page on the BBB’s website!

Here’s a link to the BBB and here is the latest testimonial posted:

My wife and I are very pleased

Ralph and his associates first of all should be commended for their tireless work during somewhat days of very hot, humid days along with sudden extreme downpours. They managed to remodel my master bath in a timely and efficient manner. Ralph was very knowledgeable, instructive, helpful and friendly during his experience with my wife and me. During the course of his labor there were times when myself or my wife would show concern, or just ignorance, of things that he was doing. I consider myself a pretty good DIYer, and there were some times that Ralph would stop and sufficiently explain to me things that he was doing upon my inquiring. Ralph was patient with myself and my wife when we didn’t quite have things he needed at the proper time and he was very patient when we made decisions on grout color then after getting about a fourth of the floor grouted, we changed our minds and selected another color instead. This created extra work for Ralph, but he took it in stride and performed the task. My wife and I are very pleased with the final outcome of Ralph’s and his associates’ labor. They finished the job in a timely manner and were very efficient. I would recommend Ralph Severson and associates to all my friends.

Ric Hadley – August 2015


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10 Bathroom Design Ideas

10 Bathroom Design Ideas
According to a recent study, people spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom – up to 1.5 years of their lifespan! What this means for bathroom design today is surprisingly simple. People will pay for increased comfort in this very private room. Here are the top 10 trending bathroom design ideas for 2015.

1. Double sinks.
As marriages begin later in life (and often end earlier than expected) anything that can prolong marital harmony is greatly prized. This makes double sinks an ongoing bathroom design hit this year – and likely for many years to come!

2. A master bedroom and bath suite.
USA Today reports that this is one of the top 11 upgrades that people are willing to pay extra for in a new home (up to $2,030 more). If the master bedroom and bath suite also includes a walk-in closet, consider this the magic trifecta.

3. A high-tech shower.
Ever since the digital shower system was introduced a few years back, bathing just keeps pushing the technology envelope. From chroma-therapy (color therapy) to controlled temperature and pressure settings, steam and sauna features, a variety of water flow features (rain showers, handheld showers, sprays) and more, today’s showering experience is like visiting a high-end spa.

4. Music and heat to soothe the savage bather.
Bathroom stereo systems today are designed to function like an invisible muse. Stereo components are often cleverly built-in (or hidden behind) a cabinet or other feature. Music is then piped in, seemingly out of nowhere, but actually due to a WiFi connection to an MP3 or CD player. Some systems also feature radiant heat that emanates right through the tub walls along with the tunes!

5. Energy and water saving features.
This is all about the bottom line – saving on the monthly water and energy bills. But it is also about helping the planet, which thankfully is becoming very fashionable today. Energy efficient shower and faucet heads, toilets with multiple flush settings, motion sensing bulbs and other features can cut energy and water costs in half.

6. Cool and hot compartments.
For people who need or want to use temperature-controlled makeup, medications or care products, cabinetry that features cool (refrigerated) or hot (radiant heated) compartments is all the rage today.

7. Resilient floor tile.
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that the bathroom really is the most dangerous room in the whole house. However, the type of flooring you choose can help cut down on dangers from slipping and falling. In particular you want resilient, scratch-proof, water sealed and waterproof tile to keep floor moisture risks to a minimum.

8. Natural touches.
Natural greenery indoors not only cleans and freshens the air, but it has a similar effect on the spirit. Adding greenery to the bathroom is a big trend this year – from simple touches like wall-mount vases for potted plants to whole “green wall” installations.

9. The freestanding bathtub.
Increasingly, people are choosing to separate their bathtub from their shower. This not only allows two bathers to perform their ablutions at one time, but also permits installation of customizing features for a personalized bathing/showering experience.

10. Recycled style.
Sustainable, recycled, renewable, re-purposed and energy-efficient are all terms being seen a lot in bathroom design this year. From driftwood vanities to bamboo bath mats, this year’s bathroom design is all about using what we’ve got.

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