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Tile Trends

Tile Trends

Tile walls and floors in your home may come in a variety of styles, colors and shapes. You have seen interesting shapes and colors before, but you may not be aware of the many styles you can choose from. This article explains all the styles you may use, and each style you choose will help enhance your kitchen or bathroom. Consider which style will look best, and consider blending styles in your home to create a unique look all your own.

Wood and Stone

Wood and stone tiles in your home allow you to create the appearance of a cabin or stone edifice without the massive expense associated with wood or stone craftsmanship. You may purchase the tiles in a number of colors, and you can cover a wall with these tiles to create a brand new finish.

Cotton and Fabric Tiles

Cotton and fabric tiles have the texture of a piece of fabric that will make your room look completely different from the norm. The texture of these tiles helps you create a softer look in the room. You can brush your hand across these tiles to enjoy the texture, and your guests may wonder how you got fabric on the walls.

Marble and Cut Stone

Faux marble tiles look amazing in all homes, and adding marble tiles to a room will make the space look much more expensive than it actually is. Marble slabs you purchase for home is very expensive, but marble tiles are not and help you make the room look more imposing. Cut stone tiles can be honed in any finish you like, and you will find several different finishes to choose from. There are smooth stones, stones cut in shapes and faceting that you would appreciate on a diamond ring. The three-dimensional style you get will make the walls or floors more dynamic in every room.

Handcrafted Designs

Handcrafted and engineered tiles, like shown in the picture above, will carry any design you like. You may have pictures printed on your tiles, or the tiles will carry a specific design you choose when making your purchase. The tiles can be cut in any way you like, or an artist can paint the tiles with a new design. You may send in portraits that will help the artist create your new tiles, and every tile in the room can have a different picture. Total customization is possible when you order handcrafted tiles.

Moroccan, African And International Designs

You may choose tiles that look as if they belong in a home in the north of Africa, by the waters of Southeast Asia or the steppes of Central Asia. Each tile carries different colors that you would find in different countries around the world. You may purchase tiles that will make a room look like it belongs in a different part of the world, and each new tile set will help you change the style of your home. Outfit one room as if it belongs in Morocco, and another as if it were a hut in the desert. You’re only limited by your imagination.

You may design different rooms in your home using different tiles, and each trending tile above will help make your home look amazing. There are several textures to choose from, and each texture brings a different feeling into your home. Be as creative as you like when you purchase new tiles for your home, and your family can make upgrades that increase the value and style of your home immensely. And if you need some assistance, please, contact us here at Flooring Masters & Professional Remodelers or call (812) 944-6383.

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Decorating with Wood-Like Tile

Decorating with Wood-Like Tile

Avoid the Problems and Pitfalls of Hardwood Flooring

Wood tile is made to look exactly like wood without all the associated problems from hardwood floors like the expense and care of the floor. Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but the costs and problems can make it impossible for some homeowners to install hardwood throughout the home.

Durability and Performance

Hardwood flooring can be extremely difficult to clean and maintain properly. Every few years, hardwood floor has to be refinished and stained to keep it looking like it did when first installed. It can crack, chip and stain quite easily. Many families are constantly worried about the floors being scratched or scuffed while their children or dogs are running around the home. The floor can’t be washed with soap and water. You have to treat hardwood carefully, or it could be completely ruined.

With wood tile flooring, you don’t have to be concerned about cracking, warping or staining. You can wash the floor with soap and water if you want. If something is spilled on the wood floor tile, it can be cleaned easily without staining the floor. You don’t have to buy special cleaning products. If something extremely heavy drops on the tile, it might crack, but that one tile can be easily replaced.

Styles for Every Home

The beauty of wood tile flooring is that there are an incredible selection of styles and colors for your home. Price will not influence the type of wood that you choose or the color of the wood to match the rest of your home. If you’d like to add a more creative flair to the home, you could pick two styles of floor and create a beautiful pattern, which will make your home unique. Friends and family will be talking about your flooring every time they enter the space.

Rare Wood Selection

When choosing a real hardwood floor, your budget would limit your wood selection. Beautiful, expensive, rare woods would be out of the question, but with wood look tile, you can choose any type of wood style that you want. The pattern, style and color are uniquely your own. You could find a wood look tile based on black and white ebony flooring, which is incredibly rare. You might choose Tigerwood for its stunning design, or Koa because it’s a beautiful deep red with stripes. The rarity of the wood will not make a difference in the price of a wood look floor.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Hardwood flooring should not be installed in the bathroom because the constant water and steam will warp the floor over time. In the kitchen, it can be tough to care for the floor around the dishwasher and sink. Homeowners with hardwoods in the kitchen are constantly worried about water landing on the floor. With wood look tile, you can install any kind of floor that you want in the kitchen and bathroom. You could use the wood tile to create a rustic and unique shower experience too.

Before deciding on a hardwood floor, consider the many options you’ll have with wood look tile flooring. Contact Flooring Masters to talk about your next project.

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Kid Proof Flooring

Kid Proof Flooring

Do you have kids at home? Believe it or not, it is possible to find beautiful, affordable flooring that can withstand children and their rough and tumble ways. Your home doesn’t have to resemble a school with cold, gray tiles in order to be made kid-proof.

Will Any Floor Be Strong Enough?
Though a house padded with gym floor mats may seem ideal for homes with children, especially young kids and toddlers, we would be willing to bet that’s not the style or look you are going for when considering new floors for your house. Luckily, there are many options available that are tough enough to take the wear-and-tear that is sure to come over the next couple years, while still being trendy and attractive. Another plus, most of these flooring options are available without breaking the bank.

Foot Action
Not all rooms can be treated equally. Some experience heavy foot traffic each and every day while others barely see the bottom of a shoe from week to week. Consider how much action each room will see before you decide on a floor type.

Busy Areas
For high-volume areas such as living rooms and bedrooms, which will likely see the brunt of dragged and dropped toys, highchairs, food, spilled drinks, and other sticky messes, durability will be just as important as looks. The best floors to use for these high traffic areas include solid wood, laminate, and luxury vinyl tile. They hold up best under foot traffic and work against wilting over time.

Wood Flooring
If you have your heart set on wood, testing of flooring products have shown that oak flooring can successfully fend off the effects of foot traffic almost as well as the best luxury vinyl tile and laminates. Some bamboo, cork and other “green” products, on the other hand, are far less durable than others and therefore not as strong an option in homes with small children.

Less Busy Areas
For rooms that receive much less use, such as dining rooms, consider more elegant choices such as top engineered wood or bamboo. Both of these products offer the attractiveness of natural veneer plus affordable installation.

All of the floor types listed above performed well in slip-resistance tests, with luxury vinyl tile topping off the list with slightly more slip resistance and engineered wood slightly less.

All of these flooring types have also been certified with the flooring industry’s FloorScore certification system, to determine the safety of each product. Luxury vinyl tile ranks high under this category as well, due to the relatively low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) it emits into the air. VOC’s have been linked to respiratory illnesses and can cause headaches and dizziness, so the relatively small number makes luxury vinyl tile a top choice for homes with children.

Picking the right type of flooring for your home is important, but choosing the right installer is just as big of a priority. Proper installation is necessary if you’d like to enjoy your floors for years to come. At Flooring Masters & Professional Remodelers, we understand your concerns and we can help. Our staff of dedicated professionals will take the time to recognize and acknowledge your unique preferences, needs, and budget. Renovating a home is a big event, but with our help, the process can be relatively smooth and pain free.

Call Today
When you’re ready to get started on your renovations, pick up the phone and give us a call at (812) 944-6383 or fill out our contact form. Let Flooring Masters & Professional Remodelers handle all your residential flooring needs and we’ll bring your vision to life in no time!