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May 2019

9 Requirements of a Quality Tile Installation

A skilled tile installer—particularly a Certified Tile Installer (CTI)—will: Use the correct methods and materials for installing tile products. There are only two ways to install tile: the right way, and the wrong way. A CTI won’t cut any corners, because they know a shortcut now will most likely result in damage later. Use premium bonding materials. Cheap materials, from grout to backer boards, might save a few dollars

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7 Tiling Mistakes the Best Installers Don’t Make

There's nothing more demoralizing than having to fix your own mistakes. It's a fact the unprepared DIY tiler knows well. The average American home as 9 unfinished DIY projects. And we bet that more than a few of those are down to mistakes made early in the process — or a lack of confidence. Learning what separates the pros and the amateurs can help you avoid some of the most

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