Introducing the Open-Concept Bathroom


Once upon a time, upgrading a master bathroom to allow for ultimate accessibility might have just meant installing a wider door. But today, many homeowners are doing away with doors and walls altogether to create an open, airy bathroom space during their bathroom remodeling.  These open-concept bathroom spaces are steadily gaining in popularity with contemporary …

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Remodeling for Accessible Living


Sometimes injury, disability or even just the normal effects of aging make it more difficult for one or more occupants of a home to access basic utilities, such as the bath or shower, toilet and sinks. If the thought of moving to an assisted living community seems too drastic a measure, there is another option: …

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General Contractors vs. Project Managers


Which One is Right for You? So you’ve decided you’re fed up with creaky, worn-out floors, or the bathroom that looks like it was designed by Ethel Merman. It’s time for a remodel! You’re too busy to tackle the job yourself, so you reach out to a website such as this and discover there are …

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8 Reasons You Should Replace Carpet with Hardwood Floors

replace carpet with hardwood

There’s an ongoing debate between hardwood and carpet flooring that’s still alive and well today. Recently, there’s been a huge upsurge in popularity of hardwood flooring and, as a result, many homeowners are looking to replace carpeting with this preferred flooring material. However, if you are like other homeowners, you may wonder if you should …

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Don’t Relocate: Renovate!


The kids are growing bigger by the day (and maybe there’s even more on the way!). Perhaps you’ve just plain outgrown your current square footage and you’re ready to upgrade. Either way, before you hire a realtor and start shopping for a new home, consider expanding upon what you already have beneath your feet. Literally. …

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