Oh What a Feeling, to Put Tile on the Ceiling


The biggest problem with installing ceramic tile on the ceiling — aside from figuring out if local building code requires you to do so — is getting the actual tile to stay put. It doesn’t take much more than a couple of tiles falling on your noggin before most people give up and call a professional. …

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Mix & Match Tile with Wood Flooring to Get the Ultimate ‘Custom’ Look


Can’t decide between wood floors or tile? Ceramic or vinyl? Natural stone or engineered wood? If you want to get ultra-creative with your floor design, you don’t have to choose one over the other—you can have both! “Mixed media” is becoming more and more popular in the flooring industry. Designs featuring wood floors with tile …

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Commercialize Your Home Space for the Shortest Commute Imaginable


Your alarm goes off before the sun has even begun to peek past the horizon. You want to hit snooze, but you’ve got a 90-minute commute ahead of you already, so you begrudgingly roll out of bed. While brushing your teeth, you check for new podcasts, but there’s nothing that looks interesting this morning. You …

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