5 Tips for Proper Tile and Grout Care

tile floor with grout

Everyone dreams of beautiful aesthetics in the tiled rooms of their homes. However, many don’t think about grout playing a big part in those pleasing looks. Grout is a critical element in keeping the tiles together. It is notoriously light colored and porous which makes it prone to staining and water damage.  Why are all of …

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Remodeling With Reclaimed Salvaged Items

reclaimed hardwood floors

When it’s time to update your home, using salvaged items is a fun and fashionable method to keep you within your budget. If you enjoy scouring thrift stores for unknown treasures, salvaging takes this a step further. Its a great excuse to take a trip out to the country to reclaim some wood from an …

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5 Ways US Hardwood Flooring is More Sustainable

hardwood floor in living room

It may sound a little counterintuitive, but you read that correctly: Hardwood floors are more sustainable for the  environment. The initial confusion is understandable. When you think of chopping down wood you don’t jump to that being the more environmentally friendly option. Read on to learn 5 reasons that hardwood flooring is more sustainable. 1. …

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Choosing A Tile Laying Pattern

Bathroom with tile floor and tile shower enclosure

When choosing a tile laying pattern, there are several options to consider. Generally, they fall into two categories: diagonal or square. Diagonal tile draws the eye to the corners of the room. Setting it square draws the eye side to side. With a rectangular tile, you can choose an inline pattern or offset. We’re going …

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