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March 2021

10 Questions to Ask Before Replacing Flooring

There are many important questions to ask before replacing your flooring. Flooring Masters is here to help you find the answers! Here we go over the 10 most important questions to consider before choosing your new floor. Question 1 - Does The Floor Coordinate with Your Existing Decorum? Will your new floor work with your current furniture? If you fall in love with a flooring that doesn’t compliment your

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Does Your Home Need An Update?

Most people don’t buy homes to only live there for a short period of time. Most people live in their homes for decades. When you live in your home for a long period of time, you get comfortable with the way everything looks, feels, and is structured. However, after a certain point, it is time to ask "Does your home need an update?".  Remodeling your home is a positive investment.

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Best Flooring for Pets

Dogs and cats make great companions. Their company is welcome in most homes, but the damage they do to flooring is not. When you are choosing a type of flooring for pets that will stand up to dents and scratches. We are here to help you find the best option to suit your needs! Stone, Tile, Concrete Flooring options like stone, tile, and concrete are built to last. Pets

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5 Things Your Contractor Wants You To Know

There 5 things this contractor wants you to know about prior to your project. Contractors understand that working on your home is high stakes in regard to your life. Being mindful of these things will have the remodel running smoothly for both you and the contractor. 1. General Contractor Pet Peeves   Micromanaging is the top pet peeves for contractors. Micromanagement tops the list of the 5 things your contractor your

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Remodeling on a Tight Budget

You purchased a new house, and the kitchen cabinets are older than you. The old cast iron bathtub is gorgeous. However, the tile is stained and cracked. You bought the place for the potential, but you need to remodel on a budget. We are here to help! You can repurpose most of those well worn materials for a fresh look that doesn’t cost a fortune. There are many other

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