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August 2021

Do You Need a Powder Room?

Powder rooms got their name around a century ago when it was considered crass for women to mention using the bathroom for anything other than applying powder to their faces. The term persisted because it was technically not a “bath” room, since there is no tub. The name remained popular amongst women who continued to use the first-floor half bathroom for checking and fixing up their appearance. In addition,

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Why Should You Know About Cork Flooring?

Cork Flooring has grown and grown in popularity due to being a very renewable resource. Those who are environmentally conscious are choosing cork more and more. Many homeowners had never heard of it until recent years. However, it has been available for decades. Cork is a guilt free option for a hardwood feel without the harvesting of trees from old growth forests. For those of you who are weighing

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Thinking About a Unique Exotic Hardwood Floor?

Exotic woods are used to make guitars. Unusual cars from overseas turn heads. Exotic fruits are an exciting experience. Why not install an exotic hardwood flooring? Guests will walk in and wonder: What is so different, unique, and wondrous about this wood? If you are planning to sell your home in the future, hardwood provides a great return on investment. If you are building the perfect home to spend

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Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Consider in 2021

Bathroom remodeling trends are ever evolving. From walk in showers to dark fixtures. From irregular tile patterns to color saturated subway tile. It's tough to stay on top of what will keep your remodel up to date. This is why we have decided to discuss some different contemporary design options. Read below for some help choosing the best trending designs for your 2021 Bathroom Remodel. Dark Fixtures Dark fixtures

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What to Consider When Choosing Your New Hardwood Flooring: Finishes and Sheens

After you have chosen the color, and species of your new hardwood flooring, there are some more choices to make. It is time to decide on the finish, sheen, texture, and width. In addition, you will have to choose between finishing the wood on site, or purchasing prefinished flooring. Keep reading to gain an understanding of all of your options and find the perfect hardwood for your floor. Natural

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