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Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

With the entire world sheltering in place in 2020, we all took a very hard look at our living spaces. Many home improvement projects were taken on to pass the immense amount of time spent at home. As a result, an abundance of changes has led to some new and interesting trends. Keep reading below to learn some of the newest and most innovative kitchen and bathroom design

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3 Tips on How to Choose the Flooring That Is Ideal for You

When choosing to install new flooring, these 3 tips on how to choose the flooring that is ideal for you must be considered. The first is maintenance. Do you have the time and energy to take proper care of hardwood? Second is durability. Are you installing in a high traffic area? Third is ease of cleaning. Are you putting a new floor in an area that will be

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Design Advice for Different Tile

When installing new tile there are many choices to make. You have to choose the tile themselves, hexagonal, square, et cetera. Then the colors. Do you want them to contrast? Do you want a single color? What about the backsplash? Third, the laying pattern. Straight? Diagonal? Irregular? We already went in depth on tile laying patterns here. In addition to all of these initial decisions, you have to

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What You Need to Know Before Requesting a Flooring Estimate

There is a lot that you need to know before requesting for a flooring estimate. This information is necessary to protect yourself from injuries, damages, legal issues and unforeseen costs. Keep reading for a checklist that will protect both parties, and make your flooring installation run smoothly and safely. Before requesting it you need to know if they charge for a flooring estimate On the initial phone call

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5 Reasons You Should Waterproof Your Bathroom and Shower

Although it may sound a bit oxymoronic, your bathroom and shower do need to be waterproofed. To many of us home improvement laymen out here, we may assume that our bathroom is already, technically, waterproof. It gets wet all the time and isn’t destroyed.  Therefore its waterproof, duh!  Not to shatter the foundation of your waterproof knowledge, but it is not a simple as that. Many bathrooms are not properly waterproofed. This

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Live in Luxury with Tile Flooring

If you would like to live in luxury and add value to your home with natural stone tile, there are several options available. However, they are generally much higher maintenance than man made tiles such as ceramic, porcelain or vinyl. The type of tile that you choose depends entirely on your personal needs. We’re here to help find out exactly what those needs are, and help you live

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Home Renovations With the Greatest Return on Investment

Many people toss and turn over and over in their minds about the true benefits of investing in a remodel. The cost is generally where most people screech to a halt and reassess how badly they truly want this change in their home. However, not all home remodels are purely decorative and for those who “live in luxury.” Many  home remodels are actually a very savvy investment. Below are

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Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile, Like You’ve Never Seen!

Luxury Vinyl (LV) plank and tile flooring has come a very long way over the years. The durability, appearance, and overall quality is like you’ve never seen. The manufacturing advancements have resulted in a gorgeous, tough flooring option that is incredibly versatile. It is a great choice for any home with active kids and pets. This rings true because of its ability to resist scratches, dents and scuffs.

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5 Tips to Easily Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the more popular rooms to remodel. However, they are most difficult as  well. They take more time and more money to remodel. All the while being a critical room in your home that needs to be used multiple times every day. However, the remodeling process does not have to be difficult or complicated. As long as you follow the 5 easy bathroom remodel tips below.   1.

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10 Questions to Ask Before Replacing Flooring

There are many important questions to ask before replacing your flooring. Flooring Masters is here to help you find the answers! Here we go over the 10 most important questions to consider before choosing your new floor. Question 1 - Does The Floor Coordinate with Your Existing Decorum? Will your new floor work with your current furniture? If you fall in love with a flooring that doesn’t compliment

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