Kitchen Remodel

How to Ensure Successful Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is the most popular home improvement project. Remodeling your kitchen makes your home more attractive and functional, and increases its resale value. With the right design choices, the right materials, and great appliances, renovating your kitchen improves the form, function, and value of your home. No matter how many updates you are planning, many elements must be considered in the design. These elements can help to

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Tips for DIY Installing the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash evolved from necessity, as a way to protect kitchen walls from damage. Over the years, the backsplash has become so much more: a way of personalizing a space many consider to be the heart of the home, as well as to provide a seamless transition from countertop to wall. A kitchen without a backsplash is like a picture without a frame -- backsplashes complete the space

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Home Improvement Projects That Actually Give You Bang for Your Buck

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what home improvement projects are your best investments. Ideally, you not only want to add to the enjoyment of your home but also to your home’s value. Here are some considerations for deciding what home improvement projects are worth your time, effort and money -- and which ones might be better to skip. Remodel kitchens and Bathrooms If you’re looking for a “sure

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Evolution of the Kitchen Backsplash

Our human ancestors began cooking food outdoors in large pits over raging fires, not unlike the weekend warriors you’ll see at state parks across the country today. But as humans evolved, so did our cooking skills, and the art and craft of preparing delicious (and nutritious) food moved indoors. Cooking outdoors requires little concern for messes and cleanup. Any spilled food will be snapped up by hungry animals,

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