Commercialize Your Home Space for the Shortest Commute Imaginable

Your alarm goes off before the sun has even begun to peek past the horizon. You want to hit snooze, but you’ve got a 90-minute commute ahead of you already, so you begrudgingly roll out of bed. While brushing your teeth, you check for new podcasts, but there’s nothing that looks interesting this morning. You cue up your “Monday Motivational” playlist instead, then slip your phone into your

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Piece Together the Ultimate Laundry Room with These Simple Steps

Compared to hotspots like the kitchen and living room, the laundry room is one of the rooms in the house that seems to get much less love. Despite that, having a clean, organized and highly functional laundry room can seriously boost your quality of life, so why do we leave it with the short end of the stick?  It probably has something to do with the fact that

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Create a Playroom Paradise with These Creative Design Ideas

From a design standpoint, playrooms are incredibly fun projects. Your children will spend hours in there—playing, learning and everything in between—so you have the freedom to cater to their tastes more than you would in other parts of your home. All of you can let your imaginations run wild when it comes to creating a look your kids will love. But, that’s only half the battle. Underneath the

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Bathroom Remodel 911

Have you remodeled yourself into a corner and have no idea how to work your way out? Before you get trapped any further: Stop! Some common bathroom remodeling mistakes have quick, easy fixes. Others, not so much.  Either way, here’s a guide to the most common bathroom blunders we’ve encountered and how to fix them, with and without (but usually with) professional help. Get the Right Backerboard, Jack,

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How to Choose a Commercial Floor

When building a new business or revamping an existing one, choosing the right flooring is crucial to the success of your company and the satisfaction of your customers. Whether you’re designing a public-facing section of your store or a workshop area that only you will ever see, flooring choices abound.   Here’s a look at the most popular options, as well as some innovative new materials.    Opulence

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Marble vs. Granite: What’s the Difference?

Among the great battles—Batman vs. Superman, Freddy vs. Jason, Man vs. Food—one that has been raging for millennia still rages today: marble vs. granite. The question, however, isn’t so much which is better than the other—they both have their pros and cons for different applications. No, the debate we encounter most often is how to tell the difference between marble and granite. After all, they’re both natural stones.

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Wood flooring… on the wall?

Three words used to strike dread in the hearts of interior designers everywhere: wood panel walls. But before you dismiss wood as an accent or even alternative to drywall, consider some of the innovative applications designers are deploying in luxury homes across the country.  Not Just for Cigar Rooms Anymore First off, scrap any old ideas you might have about wood panel walls. We’re not talking dank, subterranean

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Introducing the Open-Concept Bathroom

Once upon a time, upgrading a master bathroom to allow for ultimate accessibility might have just meant installing a wider door. But today, many homeowners are doing away with doors and walls altogether to create an open, airy bathroom space during their bathroom remodeling.  These open-concept bathroom spaces are steadily gaining in popularity with contemporary homeowners who would like to maximize the perceptual spaces of their bathrooms by

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That Vintage Charm: 8 Shabby Chic Bathroom Design Ideas You’ll Love

Do you think that "shabby" and "chic" are mutually exclusive terms? Well, think again. Shabby chic takes the "normal" and "average" up a notch to feel luxurious and expensive. It's luxury that looks like it fits right into the average home. So how do you walk this fine line between luxury modern and accessible normality to create the perfect shabby chic bathroom? One step over the line and you

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A Liberating Experience: Downsizing Tips for Seniors

Downsizing can be a source of dread for older people who don’t want to face making difficult decisions about their belongings. However, when approached with care and organization, downsizing can be a liberating experience for older adults who need a smaller, more manageable living space and desire a life with fewer burdens and more free time. Don’t Put Off Decluttering Decluttering is generally the first step in downsizing, and

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