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7 Tiling Mistakes the Best Installers Don’t Make

There's nothing more demoralizing than having to fix your own mistakes. It's a fact the unprepared DIY tiler knows well. The average American home as 9 unfinished DIY projects. And we bet that more than a few of those are down to mistakes made early in the process — or a lack of confidence. Learning what separates the pros and the amateurs can help you avoid some of the most

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9 Requirements of a Quality Tile Installer

A skilled tile installer – particularly a Certified Tile Installer (CTI) - will: Use the correct methods and materials for installing tile products. Use premium bonding materials. Carefully control site conditions. Ensure that the installation will be on a flat surface. Ensure that the installation surface is rigid. Know to use a crack isolation membrane when necessary. Pay attention to industry standards for minimum mortar coverage. Know to use

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Home Selling Tips: Don’t Neglect Your Flooring

If you have ever been to a house that had some serious flooring problems, you may remember it as if it were yesterday. The tacky shag of the carpet, or the linoleum curling in on the edges could be a horrifying addition to the stress of selling a home. Flooring may be an expensive upgrade for your house, but it offers so many benefits to your home sale that

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Tile Trends

Tile walls and floors in your home may come in a variety of styles, colors and shapes. You have seen interesting shapes and colors before, but you may not be aware of the many styles you can choose from. This article explains all the styles you may use, and each style you choose will help enhance your kitchen or bathroom. Consider which style will look best, and consider blending

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