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My subfloor is not level. Should we level it?

We do not guarantee the sub-floor of any kind unless we installed said sub-floor. Additionally, installation of floor covering materials will only be level and smooth if customer consents to paying the added expense of leveling the sub-floor. If the unevenness of the sub-floor is noticeably excessive, Flooring Masters will inform the customer. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to let the installer know that leveling the floor is desired. Furthermore, tile is a man made product; as such it’s not perfect. In addition to flaws in the sub-floor, flaws in manufacturing of tile can cause tile to have a subtle height differential from one to the other. Grout lines help hide this effect. Marble and granite is typically installed without a grout line. We adhere to a 1/8 inch grout line unless otherwise specified and the customer understand that tile typically will not be smooth due to the reasons before mentioned.

I might have asbestos. How will you handle that?

We do not take up vinyl tile floors due to asbestos concerns, unless said vinyl tile has been tested.

How do you handle demolition?

In preparing the area(s) for installation it can be common to find "unforeseen" problems. IE: it is discovered that the floor joist are rotting when a sub-floor is being prepared for installation. In which case, additional charges will incur. Additionally, minor damage to appliances, tub/showers and cabinet facings have been known to happen due to the nature of demolition. We will cosmetically repair such damage to the best of our ability; however, you accept this reality and therefore agree to hold us harmless.

Will chemicals harm my floors?

Chemicals can damage your flooring. Pesticides, acne medication, plant foods and certain household products such as bleach, shoe polish, etc., contain substances that can permanently damage your flooring. Please be extra careful when using these products.

How can I keep my floor looking good?

Floor covering is a great investment in your home and like most investments, it needs your attention. Performance and appearance retention are dependent on the care and maintenance by the consumer. Please refer to manufacturer's recommendations for proper care and maintenance of your new floor covering.

Why is my carpet shedding?

Your new carpet may shed and fuzz the first several months. The use of a good upright vacuum cleaner will eventually remove most of the excess fibers. However, even the most expensive carpets will continue to shed to some degree.

What about the seam in my floor?

Our professional installers use the best equipment and methods to seam your floors. However, carpet seams are often not totally invisible, especially if they are low cut pile or Berber loop. Vinyl seams may be visible due to seam sealers and will be more noticeable especially if the vinyl pattern has no continuous grout lines.

How do you handle color variances in materials?

In the flooring business products may vary in color from the samples. Manufacturers adhere to strict guidelines; however, there can be some variance in color. As such, we are not responsible for color variances. This applies to all types of floor covering materials, including grout.

Is there a warranty on materials?

All materials should be guaranteed by the manufacturer. As they do vary, please consult your sales representative for specific warranty information.

What does the temperature in my home need to be?

Your house must be heated to 70 degrees, 48 hours before, during and 48 hours after installation. Temperature should never go below 55 degrees.

How long will it take to complete my work?

Remodeling and Floor covering is a construction type business, we cannot guarantee the amount of time any job may take. We will attempt to start and finish as scheduled. Additionaly, because of this fact, we cannot be responsible for your incidental charges such as lost wages or inconvenience.

Do I need a vapor barrier?

We require vapor barriers when installing laminates. We also install vapor barriers in areas where water flows freely. IE: tub, shower and sauna areas.

Do I need quarter round?

We are not responsible for breakage of existing Quarter Round (aka: Shoe Mold). There is a charge to remove and replace existing Quarter Round which does not include caulking or painting. With the exception of carpet, most floor coverings require quarter round.

Does my vinyl cove base need to be replaced?

Cove base must be removed and replaced with new cove base or we will not be responsible for how the finished installation / product looks.

Do you touch up paint?

The nature of floor covering installation will require touch up of painted surfaces especially dark colors. You should plan on touch up painting or applying another coat of paint after the installation. Caulking (of any kind) and painting is the consumer’s responsibility.

Can you trim my door so it opens and closes properly?

If you opt to have us do it, there is an additional charge of $15 for every door we cut to clear newly installed floor coverings. We take care to cut doors without splintering the door facing. However, we do not guarantee that splintering will not occur.

How do you handle plumbing problems?

We are not licensed plumbers. You understand and give consent if we are to do basic plumbing: Replace/install shower faucet, plumb vanity or kitchen sink(s), set toilet(s) and/or washers. We will fix leaks, however we are not responsible for damage from plumbing leaks or failures. Reinstalling of icemaker water lines or toilets may require a plumber, if fittings or seals will not properly reseat after installation. We will not be responsible for any charges incurred for plumbing repair.

What about electrical stuff?

We are not licensed electricians. You understand and give consent if we are to install lighting, electrical/GFI outlets, switches and/or other minor wiring.

I have a wired security system. Is that a problem?

We cannot be responsible for phone or security system wiring, etc., unless we have been informed of the locations in advance in writing.

What's this haze on the surface of my tile?

Tile hazes over after being grouted. The day after grouting, it is the customer’s responsibility to buff tile. Doing so will bring out the luster of the tile. If left unattended to long grout will cure and be harder to remove.

Can you seal my grout or stone tile?

After allowing grout to cure for 3 to 5 days, it is advised that the consumer seal the grout. This is a simple process. We leave a complimentary can of spray sealer with instructions for use.

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