You may need a residential bathroom remodel for a number of reasons, such as to optimize space, ensure accessibility, or improve aesthetics. At Flooring Masters, we can help you with your residential total bathroom remodel. Read on to learn more about our residential bathroom remodel service for those in the Floyd Knobs, IN, area.

Total Residential Bathroom Remodel

Does your current bathroom have a space problem? Perhaps you are finding it difficult to maneuver as you age or when older relatives come to visit. Or maybe you simply want to update your bathroom with modern aesthetics in mind. No matter your reasons for remodeling your bathroom, we can are licensed and experienced to do the job.

We take your dream and make it into reality by completely remodeling your bathroom from the ground up. We can replace or install totally new floor and wall tiles, showers, tubs, toilets, cabinets, sinks, mirrors, and light fixtures. We are backed by many years of experience in remodeling. Let us give you the bathroom of your dreams.

For more information, contact the professionals at Flooring Masters by calling 812-944-6383. We also offer free estimates for any project. Fill out our online form to give us more information about your dream bathroom and how we can help.