Many people are not able to get every aspect on their dream list when purchasing a new home. Sometimes, you have to compromise certain aspects in order to get the best price, location, or other priorities on your list.

If you compromised on your bathroom when you purchased a home in Georgetown, IN, you do not have to live with it forever. The professionals at Flooring Masters & Pro Remodeling can help you with a residential custom bathroom remodel to give you the dream bathroom you always wanted. Read on to learn about our bathroom remodeling.

Residential Full Bathroom Remodel

We remodel your bathroom from start to finish. We begin by evaluating both the desires you have for your new bathroom and the space available. Once we have finished making decisions with you and have gotten approval for the remodel, we are able to begin.

We are able to fully remodel your bathroom. We can add or replace showers, tubs, cabinets, sinks, and toilets. We will replace or install new tiling to the floors and the walls if that is what you wish. We can even perform electrical work and add or replace light fixtures. Your options are truly limitless when you hire a professional team to do your full bathroom remodel.

For more information or to schedule your bathroom remodel, contact the team at Flooring Masters & Pro Remodeling by calling 812-944-6383 today.