New Albany, a city of more than 36,000 people in Southern Indiana, is known for its dramatic look. It offers a combination of breathtaking bridges, architectural marvels, great views of the Ohio River, and, of course, the city’s pride and joy, that is, the outdoor arena.

For residents of this dense suburban part of Indiana, it is the best place to live, which is why the majority own their own homes.

One of the greatest responsibilities of a homeowner in a place like New Albany is keeping the property in tip-top shape to look good and maintain excellent resale value. That is why you need a skilled and certified service to do a professional installation. Our service can help you restore, renovate, or upgrade your floors, bathroom, basement, and other living spaces. So, if you are thinking of renovating your space or need an upgrade, contact Flooring Masters Pro Remodelers today to assess your New Albany home.

Get a Full-Service Residential Flooring Installation in New Albany, IN

If you want to install new flooring, are thinking about upgrading your home, need to repair your floor after damage, or want to remodel before selling, we are your go-to flooring contractor. With Flooring Masters, you do not have to worry about anything as we will take care of all your flooring needs. With that, here are some reasons you should work with us.

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality is at the core of our flooring installation services in New Albany, IN. We customize our services to each customer’s specific needs to ensure satisfaction. Be sure that we will do a fantastic job installing or restoring your floors to your liking.

Qualified & Certified Professionals

Be sure that our flooring contractors are highly experienced in the job. Each flooring installer on our team is highly-trained, industry-certified, and has years of practice under their belt. We are qualified in tile flooring, highland hardwood flooring, wood-like flooring, and other unique types of flooring.

3+ Decades in Business

Flooring Masters has been in business, serving residents of New Albany, since 1990. Our more than three decades of practice means that we have probably installed any floor, including hardwood floors—advanced solutions for almost every customer’s need. Our experience reflects upon the quality of work we do.

Latest Techniques, Products, and Technology

Our vast experience does not mean we have learned everything there is to know. Our approach is one of continuous learning. Like most industries, there are new developments in the flooring industry regularly. So, be sure that our flooring contractors will employ the best techniques, materials, and tools for your project.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

That is right; your satisfaction is our priority. So, once we are done with the job, you will come in and inspect to confirm that it is to your liking.

Hire the #1 Flooring Experts in New Albany for a Job Worth Every Buck

Getting a good flooring contractor can be difficult, especially if you need installation or remodeling on a budget. After all, high-quality and competitive pricing is a hard combination to achieve. Lucky for you, Flooring Masters understand the demand for quality, affordable flooring options.

For a reasonable price, we will:

  • Assess your home to help you map your flooring requirements
  • Help you select the type of floor to install depending on your preference and home’s theme
  • Source products from reliable retailers we have built relationships with to save you money
  • Work on installing or remodeling your home based on your schedule
  • Be on standby in case you need anything after the work is complete

Quality Floor Installation or Replacement for Homeowners in New Albany and Surrounding Areas

Our flooring installation in New Albany is more than just one service. Apart from wood or tile flooring services, you can also hire us for:

Need an Experienced Flooring Installer? Contact Us Today

Installing a well-designed tile or hardwood floors can make your home a marvel while making your space more comfortable. So, are you ready to upgrade your floors? Get in touch with the number one flooring services in New Albany, IN. At Flooring Masters, we specialize in tile, wood, stone, and other types of floors. We will help you figure out the best design for you, connect you with trusted retailers and do a great installation job.

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