How Does a Walk In Shower Help Aging In Place?

A walk in shower is made specifically so that people with reduced balance can walk into it without the dangers of stepping high up over a wall. Instead of the tub wall, walk in showers have a 3-5 inch tall lip to contain the water. A much easier step to take for seniors aging in place. However, keep in mind that this is not the same as a roll in shower. A roll in shower has no lip. It is seamless with the bathroom floor and accessible by wheelchair.

Walk In Showers For Seniors Aging In Place

Different Types of Walk In Showers for Seniors Aging In Place

Recessed Walk In Shower

This is installed in an alcove, with walls on three sides, and an enclosure on one side.

Walk In Showers For Seniors Aging In Place

Corner Walk In Shower

This type is installed in the corner, with walls on two sides and an enclosure on the other two.

Floating Walk In Shower

A floating walk in shower contacts one wall and is surrounded with an enclosure on three sides. 


Some choose to remodel their entire bathroom when deciding to install a walk in shower. However, there are walk in showers designed to fit your existing tub space.

Safety Features to Consider for Walk In Showers for Seniors Aging In Place

A walk in shower is an investment and it is very important to consider all of your options to get the most out of your budget. Safety features are the most important thing to consider. Things such as safety bars and seats. Unfortunately, those aging in place may not be as mobile in the future, and this must be considered when choosing a walk in shower.

Scald Guard

Some walk in showers have an automatic scald guard that adjusts the water temperature when it gets too hot. This is a very important safety feature for seniors aging in place.

Shower Caddy

Be sure to install a shower caddy in an easy to reach spot. Usually near the entrance, or near the seat.

Grab Bars

Install your grab bars anywhere onto the walls. Consult your aging in place specialists when deciding on the placement of safety bars.


Many walk in showers come equipped with a seat for those who can’t stand for long periods of time. However, it is important to make certain that safety bars are accessible from a seated position. In addition, you may install a walk in shower without a seat and opt to install a shower chair later.

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