Our Policy

Information Stored on Our Web Server

Firstly our web server stores log files to record visits for the purpose of displaying website visitor statistics. Which is in common with privacy policy of most other websites. Furthermore this information is not displayed in public usually. Thus, the information collected includes the following data:

  IP address – with this information it’s possible to thus discover which ISP you used to connect to this website
  Browser type – this information may be denied by your browser settings
  Referring page – this information may be denied by your browser settings
  Time and duration of your visit
  Which pages you visited

How Can We Use This Information?

The information is used to measure the performance of the website. This will help in attracting visitors and users.

Access to Stored Information

Only the webmaster of this website normally views this information.
Server administrators have access to the information but are unlikely to view it.
The information should be assumed to remain permanently on the server.


Firstly your web browser stores small signature files. These files are known as cookies. These cookies record your web preferences on visiting the website. Also You can track returned visits with the help of these files. 3rd party advertising companies may also use cookies for tracking purposes.

While currently we do not have any advertising making use of cookies.

Use of E-mail Addresses

We don’t currently store your E-mail on our server.

E-mail: info@flooringmasters.com

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