The First Tile Job

In 1990 I resurfaced my own retro kitchen countertops with ceramic tile using a small manual tile cutter. I discovered that setting tile relaxed me. I also enjoyed the creative possibilities that were possible with the wide array of tile colors, sizes and textures available to choose from.

A Hobby

As the years passed by, friends and family members called upon me to do tile work for them. I made some extra money this way, and immediately following every job I invested in more tools. Before I knew it I had every kind of tool imaginable. To this day I still invest in tools of the trade.

A Career Change

I had been self-employed for many years as a website designer. In 2000 after the dot-com bust things got slow for me. I decided to diversify. I ran an ad in the newspaper and landed my first big tile job. Within a couple of years, I built the business up and was managing several installation crews.

Continuing to Grow

From 2006 to 2010 I owned and managed two successful businesses. Even though construction is down in this economy, the remodeling business still thrives and I still find peace in installing tile, wood and other floor covering materials.

My other business, Blackstone Media Network, which suffered for a few years following the dot-com bust, has flourished over the past five years to become Louisville’s premier web development, online marketing, and search optimization provider.

I’m Proud of the Legacy I Left Behind

My partner at Blackstone Media approached me and stated his desire to buy me out. Years of experience have given me wisdom, and my love for what I’ve built is undeniable. I did not want it to die, and I did not want my customers or employees, whom I care a great deal for, to be hurt.

Somewhere in the Bible, there is a story that goes something like this: Two women pulling at a child go before a king. One woman claims the child is hers, the other woman claims that no, it is hers. Like a tug-of-war, they go back and forth like this.

“Enough!” The king yells. “Fetch me my sword and I shall cut this child in two and give each woman half.”

The mother, the real mother, pleads to the king not to kill her child. She tells the king to give that woman her child so that it may live, to continue to grow and to one day become something great.

That story shares many things: Wisdom, Love, and Sacrifice.

My partner wanted the business badly enough that we were able to come to an agreement. I do sincerely wish Blackstone Media much success.


Today remodeling is stronger than ever. New construction is slowly building back up. I have a great reputation in the industry, both among fellow contractors and numerous satisfied clients. I’m very good, talented in fact at what I do. I continue to build a strong, close-knit network of industry professionals that have proven track records, a commitment to excellence in quality of work and customer service. This network consists of painters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, gardeners, heating and air comfort specialist, and several more skilled trade professionals.

Whatever your home improvement needs, I can help.

My Other Interests

I’m into board games and have a fair collection. You can find me on Board Game Geek.

You can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and The Titans of Industry where I host local networking events to bring the various branches of the construction industry closer in touch with each other.