George & Dena Rogers Bathroom Remodel - Before

Bathroom Remodel


George & Dena Rogers Bathroom Remodel - During

Bathroom Remodel


George & Dena Rogers Bathroom Remodel - After

Bathroom Remodel


What made you consider Flooring Masters for your project?

We found Flooring Masters through their website and wanted to get an estimate from them because they had good reviews. We got 4-5 different bids and decided that Flooring Masters was the best value.

Would you consider us for your next project?

We are. We have another project planned for next year.

Where did you hear about us?

Flooring Masters website. (He could not recall what he searched for to get to the site.)

How would you rate our company compared to other remodeling companies?

Flooring Masters is the first remodeling company that we’ve used. Ralph did a really good job. The whole team is very easy to work with.

Did we finish your project in a timely manner?

It is only unfinished because a part is backordered, but it would have been finished quickly if it weren’t for that. We ordered it, so that’s not on them.

Do you feel we were clean and properly respected your home during our visit?


On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate our finished product?

9. Only because the project is not finished due to a product on backorder. Not FM’s fault, it’s on us.

How likely would you be to refer us to a family or friend? Why?

Highly likely because Ralph sets it up a little different than other companies. He gave us a bid for the labor only, then let us purchase all the materials and fixtures with his discounts for different suppliers.

Would you be willing to leave us a review telling others how your project went?

Not a computer person.

Did we communicate with you to the best of our ability, if not, what could we improve?

Yes. Very well. We kept in close contact with Ralph and Allison did a great job communicating.

Was there anything else you think we could improve upon?

Happy with the service.

At any point during your project did you feel unsatisfied? If the answer is yes, could you please explain?


Was our pricing upfront? How about compared to other companies?

Yes, very competitive. 2-3 of the estimates we got were higher, then 1-2 were around the same price as Flooring Masters.

Are there any stories about your experience you’d like to share or anything else you’d like to add?