Malesha & Katie Bell Master Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel


Malesha & Katie Bell Master Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel


Malesha & Katie Bell Master Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel


What made you consider Flooring Masters for your project?

The website. I did a lot of research, and the website had a lot of great reviews and projects. Ralph was great and very knowledgeable. The quote was spot on.

Would you consider us for your next project?


Where did you hear about us?

Google and Nextdoor.

How would you rate our company compared to other remodeling companies?

We have never used anyone else. It was our first remodel. We were sad to see them leave.

Did we finish your project in a timely manner?


How would you rate our cleanliness? How could we improve?

100%, everyone was great. Alison was even keeping my boys in line.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate our finished product?

9, but I’m also very particular. I feel like a 10 has to blow me away with no complaints, but I wouldn’t even give myself a 10 on some things.

How likely would you be to refer us to a family or friend? Why?

10. Very likely. We really liked working with Flooring Masters and Remodeling because they were honest and listened. They gave us great suggestions that we used. It’s easy to tell that they’re experts. They thought about the logistics in advance, and were great to work with. Most of all, they do their job and do it well.

Would you be willing to leave us a review telling others how your project went?

Need to do it. Waiting to get things in the bathroom for photos.

Did we communicate with you to the best of our ability, if not, what could we improve?

Some of the early communications were challenging. I’m very type A. He’s the owner and extremely busy. It’s hard to get him in the evenings. His schedule is so tight it was hard to connect. I just needed some more follow up in the planning stages before they got started. Ralph was great, but I needed more updates in the beginning.

Flooring Masters could improve on a couple of little things. An introduction email with scheduling would have put me at ease, but once they got started they were awesome. I just needed more communication before they got to work. Construction is challenging. Unexpected things happen, and they roll with the punches well. I’m sad that I don’t have other projects for them.

At any point during your project did you feel unsatisfied? If the answer is yes, could you please explain?


Was our pricing upfront? How about compared to other companies?

Yes. We got other quotes, but Ralph was cheaper and promised more. A company that only offered pre-fab tub/shower inserts was more expensive and wasn’t at all what I wanted.

Are there any stories about your experience you’d like to share or anything else you’d like to add?

Alison was great at helping bring my vision to life, and gave really great suggestions. The guys were great helping me choose grout color, shelving, and niches. I added shelving on the day that they started and they were great dealing with the change. The finished product is even more than we imagined.