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What made you consider Flooring Masters for your project?

We got estimates on our bathroom remodel from several companies. The two big factors were the value from Flooring Masters, and I also just had a good gut feeling about Alison. She was confident and felt trustworthy. I don’t hire anyone without meeting them in person, and I always get 3 or 4 estimates for every project. Alison and Derrick working together as Mother and Son gave me a good feeling about the company.

Would you consider us for your next project?

I have used Flooring Masters 4 times now. A total bathroom remodel, the floors in our laundry and upstairs as well as refinishing our basement.

Where did you hear about us?

Nextdoor. I’m not 100% because the first time was back in 2019.

How would you rate our company compared to other remodeling companies?

I haven’t used anyone else for remodeling because Flooring Masters has not given me a reason to.

Did we finish your project in a timely manner?


How would you rate our cleanliness? How could we improve?

Highly. They clean up. They even vacuumed dust from our couches during the basement project. 

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate our finished product?

9 or 10, probably a 10. Looking back, there were some small things I would have done differently, but I keep hiring Flooring Masters because I am happy with their work. They have integrity and did a great job of managing expectations.

How likely would you be to refer us to a family or friend? Why?

I have referred them to my neighbors already because of their value, they are trustworthy, and reliable. Flooring Masters showed up when they said they would every time, and there was nothing shady going on. They were consistent, and the most important thing was that I was comfortable having them in my home. I got to know them well.

Would you be willing to leave us a review telling others how your project went?

I did after the first project.

Did we communicate with you to the best of our ability, if not, what could we improve?

Communication was great.

Was there anything else you think we could improve upon?


At any point during your project did you feel unsatisfied? If the answer is yes, could you please explain?

No. There was something small, but she didn’t want to share.

Was our pricing upfront? How about compared to other companies?

The contract was completely itemized and upfront, and part of the company doing a great job of managing expectations.

Are there any stories about your experience you’d like to share or anything else you’d like to add?

They’re great people. Derrick introduced me to Hello Fresh and we talked a lot about food. I spoke with Alison about what it was like to work in a male-dominated industry. I’ve really gotten to know them. We are friends on Facebook and I got to see the photos from when they were at Disney World this summer. They are great people.