Bret & Allison Saxton Bathroom Remodel - Before

Bathroom Remodel


Bret & Allison Saxton Bathroom Remodel - During

Bathroom Remodel


Bret & Allison Saxton Bathroom Remodel - After

Bathroom Remodel


What made you consider Flooring Masters for your project?

We found out about them from a mutual friend. We were going to get a few estimates for creating a master bath. From the very beginning, as soon as we met Ralph, he came in with best quote, made us feel at ease, and that he knew what he was doing. We loved how attuned he was to our needs. Heck, he even brought his wife out to go over the details.

Would you consider us for your next project?

No question. We actually did another project with Flooring Masters after the master bathroom. It was for a basement half bath. Less labor intensive, and only took a couple of days. Alison handled the bulk of it. They were just incredible. We liked the company so much because it is an intimate operation, and already have a couple projects in mind down the road for them.

Where did you hear about us?

Mutual friend, see above.

How would you rate our company compared to other remodeling companies?

We have not used other companies, but have recommended FM to several friends who had bad experiences elsewhere. Ralph’s operation provides a certain level of comfort that can’t be found with larger companies. We heard stories from friends about how the lead wasn’t always on site with the general contractors they hired. Things fell through the cracks because of this. Ralph and Alison go overboard to make sure they don’t miss a single detail.

Did we finish your project in a timely manner?

Absolutely. The date that Ralph gave at the beginning was accurate. He was very up front. He lets you know the schedule is not set in stone, but they do everything they can to finish by that time.

Do you feel we properly respected your home during our visit? How could we improve?

No question. Flooring masters treated our home as if it was their own. They put sheets up everywhere to contain dust from the demo and constantly swept and vacuumed. They go out of their way to do things other companies don’t take the time to do.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate our finished product?

10. They converted a closet into a master bath, then the half bath was this archaic, outdated basement bathroom that is now gorgeous. Both of the bathrooms that they remodeled are unrecognizable.

How likely would you be to refer us to a family or friend? Why?

They have, see above.

Would you be willing to leave us a review telling others how your project went?

I already did on Google. I almost never do that but I was very impressed and wanted to help however I can.

Did we communicate with you to the best of our ability, if not, what could we improve?

Absolutely. My wife and Alison still text back and forth. We chose Flooring Masters because they gave us a homey, family feel plus their quality of the work.

Was there anything else you think we could improve upon?

No, I know it’s cliche, but when I think of the experience it was just so pleasant. Obviously, when you do projects you know the stereotypes of people cutting corners or gouging, but that wasn’t the experience with Flooring Masters and Remodeling.

At any point during your project did you feel unsatisfied? If the answer is yes, could you please explain?

No. That’s a direct result of the communication with Ralph. He updated us every morning and evening. It’s hard to not be satisfied when constantly kept in the loop.

Was our pricing upfront? How about compared to other companies?

Yes, and it was close to half of the cost of an estimate we got from a General Contractor.

Are there any stories about your experience you’d like to share or anything else you’d like to add?

No, that’s all. From the top down it was a holistic experience, from the time we met to the work itself we were extremely impressed. My wife and I both feel that way.