Bathroom Remodels

Flooring Masters Pro Remodelers is a leading bathroom remodeling and other home improvements services provider in New Albany, IN. A bathroom renovation will enable you to have a space that meets your needs and vision. Our professional craftsmen and designers are highly experienced in offering fully customized and quality designs. We can handle any bathroom remodeling project using our incredible craftsmanship and skills.

As a place where you start or end your day, the bathroom is a relaxing and refreshing space. It is multi-functional for other people and serves as a laundry room. We take our bathroom remodeling services very seriously. From a major overhaul to small adjustments or from contemporary to transitional designs, we always ensure that we offer maximum customer satisfaction through our quality work.

Our bathroom remodeling services in New Albany, IN, include the following.

Shower Replacement

Our professional bathroom remodelers will easily remodel or replace your shower. We use excellent custom-fit installation methods that ensure the showers are installed without the need of having to perform any demolition. We will start with an in-home consultation with you to get a good idea of exactly what you want. We will also take measurements and photos of your shower space to make sure the new customized shower will fit well in your bathroom layout.

Walk-In Tubs Installation

A walk-in tub is a brilliant option if you need a safe bath in your daily life. We do walk-in tubs installations which are great if you have a senior or young child in your house. Walk-in tubs provide a single unit that offers safe multiple bathing solutions and only takes a day for complete installation. Their features include ADA-compliant safety seats, built-in grab bars, and an easy-to-open bathtub door.

Bathtub Replacement

It will be more comfortable and flexible if you choose to have at least one bathtub in your living space. We have a variety of bathtub colors and styles to choose from in our collection. They’re all designed to insulate and retain much heat to provide a warm bath for longer periods and an enjoyable experience for the users.

Tile Installation

Tile is a great flooring option with numerous benefits to homeowners. It’s excellent for home areas susceptible to humidity, dirt, and moisture. We are experts in tile installation services in New Albany, IN. We conduct thorough subfloor preparation to ensure that your tile flooring lasts longer and prevents water damage.

We make sure to put up the necessary reinforcements on bathroom floors when installing heavy tiles such as slate. Also, we fill grout lines after laying down the tiles on the floors. If necessary, we may apply a grout sealant after a few weeks to prevent stains.

Flooring Installation

Besides tile flooring installation, we can also help with other installations in your bathroom, such as vinyl and wood flooring. We can help you pick cost-effective bathroom flooring that matches your desire.

Benefits Of Our Bathroom Remodeling Services in New Albany, IN

At Flooring Masters Pro Remodelers, and unlike other bathroom remodeling companies, we clearly understand that even a small effort in any bathroom remodeling project can have a huge benefit. You may get rid of old fixtures, move around comfortably, or have a different painting that looks better on your walls. These include:

Improve Your Bathroom’s Aesthetics

You will enjoy your bathroom remodels appearance and functionality with your added fixtures such as custom cabinetry or modern showers or bathtubs. This will be a completely new feeling compared to boredom or annoyance with outdated or old cabinets, countertops, or other fixtures. Looks are not everything, but they will make you enjoy your home more.

Increase Your Home Value

A bathroom remodeling project can significantly increase the home’s value whether you have a separate bath, an ensuite, or a master bathroom. Having modern baths that are also energy efficient can increase your home’s value. You will also have peace of mind knowing you can easily get a buyer if you plan to sell.

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient fixtures have recently become popular because of their cost-effectiveness. Modern fixtures also eliminate the concerns of losing too much water pressure. Whether you have a separate or master bath, you can also swap out your old electrical work fixtures with more energy-efficient ones, such as LED lights. Besides helping you lower your utility bills, you will also reduce your environmental impact.

You will also save money on your utility costs if you fix leaky faucets, add quality plumbing work, and install modern air conditioning and a water-efficient toilet.

Add More Space

We are an experienced professional bathroom remodeler or general contracting services provider, and we are experts in coming up with well-planned fixtures that will add space. We can also add more space with major reconstruction and remodeling of your bathroom or better-fitting fixtures in your new design layout.

We will help you make a bathroom remodel that works better with your needs, whether to create a custom-built vanity or attach additional storage fixtures in resourceful and creative areas.

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At FM Pro Remodelers, we are experts in home remodeling projects, including bathroom renovations in New Albany, IN. We are experienced and reliable general contractors. Our entire team of bathroom remodeling and construction professionals are highly trained and experienced in conducting quality remodeling services.

We will charge a fair price by giving you a free estimate for your bathroom remodeling work without adding other hidden project costs. Contact us today at 812-944-6383 or 502-407-7793, and let us provide you with a quality bathroom remodeling service that will make your life more comfortable while helping you save on energy costs.

Whether you are looking to completely remodel your old bathroom into a clean, minimalist, modern design, or go all-out crazy, we are here to help guide you through the bathroom remodeling process.


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