Bathrooms are the smallest room in nearly every home, but filled with hidden costs when you remodel. The tub, sink, vanity, mirror, lighting, flooring, toilet, and ventilation add up quickly. So how can you make your bathroom look brand new without replacing every fixture and furnishing? We have compiled a list of low cost changes you can make to help you remodel your bathroom on a budget.

Budget Bathroom Tile

We specialize in getting tile installed on a budget here at Flooring Masters. One of the ways that we save our customers money is by letting them acquire the tile themselves, and use our discounts at suppliers that we partner with. Vinyl and laminate are the best budget friendly options, but there are many ceramic tiles that can fit any budget. A brand new tile floor is the best way to remodel your bathroom on a budget.

Turn Antique Furniture Into a Budget Bathroom Vanity

Do you have an old dresser in the basement that would look lovely if it were refinished? Many people are refinishing old items to use as a rustic new vanity. It is a very creative look, and a dresser will offer more drawer storage than a typical vanity. Couple this with a new fixture for a great budget bathroom remodel. 

A Larger Mirror for a Budget Bathroom Remodel

A very simple improvement to an outdated bathroom is replacing the mirror. Installing a larger mirror will really open the room up and make it appear larger. However, if you have an old bathroom with poor lighting, adding new fixtures and bulbs that replicate sunlight will brighten the place up. My remodeling with these two improvements together, applying makeup and grooming in the morning will be easier than ever.

Fresh Coat of White Paint

The easiest option for remodeling your bathroom on a budget, or updating any other room, is a fresh coat of paint. Just like a larger mirror, a brand new coat of white paint over the previous darker color. Especially if you are painting over a darker color. What looks cleaner than pure white? 

Refinish the Tub for a Budget Bathroom Remodel

When your tub has some age, it gets pock marks and stains that can’t be scrubbed off. However, you don’t have to install a new tub to fix this problem. Tub refinishing kits are available to help that old tub get back to being bright, shiny, and new.

Store More

No bathroom has enough storage for cases of toilet paper, linens, and cleaning supplies. A vanity alone just doesn’t cut it, and realizing that to grab a towel in the hall closet means you’re going to have to dry off with the hand towel yet again. Adding storage is a great way to remodel your bathroom on a budget. Not only that, but it’s easy for anyone to set up new storage solutions. Look for mildew resistant storage cabinets to withstand the humid environment. 

Replace Vanity Hardware and Fixtures

A great way to remodel your bathroom on a budget is by simply replacing your sink, tub, or shower fixtures. Then replace your vanity hardware to match. Brand new handles or pulls go a long way for freshening up the look of your bathroom. Add a matching fixture with a fresh coat of white paint, and people will think you replaced everything in the room. Your budgeting secrets are safe with us.

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