We’ve all been there before. The dogs that we love, they love to roll in smelly things. If you’ve got a home under construction near you, and there’s a muddy hole on the site, your dog will find it, and soak themselves in muck. When it’s been raining for days on end, we still have to take the dogs out. Dirty dogs are unavoidable. We like things clean, dogs like things dirty, and neither of us is going to change. So what do we do? Add a pet washing station to the mudroom to keep our canines clean, and to keep the mud and muck out of the house. 

Mudroom Flooring

First and foremost, before you start shopping for pet washing stations, and before you call a plumber to run water lines for it, the flooring must be addressed. Mudrooms get used and abused. Especially with all that dirt and grit being dragged across the floor. The best option for every mudroom is ceramic tile. Its waterproof and highly durable. Both of these things are key in a mudroom, especially one that is going to get wet when the dog shakes off after a wash. 

Mudroom Tile Design

The good news is that no matter what decor your home and mudroom has, there is a tile design to match it. Seemingly unlimited choices of colors, shapes, patterns, textures, and laying patterns are available. And most importantly, the tile will stand up to all of the traffic, dirt, and abuse that a mudroom endures. If you need some help choosing your tile design, we covered that here. And if you need some more convincing that tile is your best option, we explore that here.

Non-Slip Mudroom Tile 

It is crucial to choose a tile that is not slippery when it is wet for a mudroom. There are many large format, textured tiles that are designed for precisely this reason. These are the most common choice for mudrooms with pet washing stations.

What About Grout?

In addition, mosaic tile is small, which means that there are a lot of grout lines with a lot of grip. Homeowners also have the option to choose thicker grout lines for more traction. And thicker grout lines are easier to clean! That’s a big plus in a mudroom. Also, medium toned grout helps to hide the dirt that comes in everyday.

Traction Mats and Doormats

If you’d rather have glazed, large format tile, such as some wood like tile planks, a traction mat designed for moisture and mud may be a necessary addition to your mudroom and pet washing station. But it is often easier, and better looking to find a tile design that is non-slip. However, a doormat designed for mud and moisture is a must. You may be able to forgo the traction mat, but a heavy duty doormat is a necessity. Look for something that absorbs a lot and dries fast.

Dog Washing Station Dimensions

The size of your tub depends on the size of your dog. Another thing to consider is if you will wash more than one pup at a time. As long as you don’t have a mammoth great dane, a tub that is about 40 inches by 30 inches should be enough to keep your pets clean when they come in. If your mudroom is small, measure your dogs and consult with your contractor to find a size that retains as much square footage as possible. 

Pet Washing Station Depth

The depth of the tub is an important consideration. You don’t want water everywhere, but the tub shouldn’t be a hazard for your dogs to get in and out of, especially since they’re wet. Err on the side of a shorter curb for your pet washing station. You’ll be spraying away from the curb.  

Prefabricated Pet Washing Stations

There are readymade dog washing stations for under $200. Even cheaper if you have a very small dog. Pricier, commercial pet washing stations are also available, if you are considering becoming a groomer. 

However, we believe that building, waterproofing, and tiling your pet washing station is the most beautiful way to integrate it with your mudroom, and the rest of your home. Much in the same way that building and tiling a shower into your bathroom is more beautiful than purchasing a prefabricated, fiberglass shower. Even if the tub is prefabricated, with tiled walls around it, this is a much more elegant option than a big plastic, or stainless steel station.

Other Uses

Plumbing, and a tub in the mudroom is extremely useful for farmers, gardeners, and anyone else who gets dirty, but doesn’t want to bring the dirt into their home with them. Anyone who is frequently active outdoors can benefit from a pet washing station in their mudroom. Hunters, fishermen, boaters, trail runners, this list is endless. It is especially useful for rinsing dirty hands, and the bottoms of muddy boots before coming into the house. 

You may even consider installing a sink and fixture in addition to the dog washing station. This is very useful for rinsing a muddy leash, dirty pet sweater, and harness, as well as washing your hands afterward. 

Mop Sink

A mudroom pet washing station also makes a great mop sink for keeping all of that mud and muck clean. But be careful of the chemicals you choose to use on your mudroom tile. We don’t want to bleach a black lab blonde. If your dog washing station pulls double duty as a mop sink, choose mild detergents, and rinse the tub thoroughly after discarding your mop water, and rinsing the mop.


Storage is key in a mudroom. Many homeowners choose to keep all of their pup related items in storage in the mudroom. Homeowners who choose to lose their shoes at the front door install shoe storage as well. If you’re using the mudroom for cleaning supplies, be sure to keep chemicals in a designated area that’s out of reach for your kids and canines. 

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