There are many reasons why you should choose tile over other flooring options. It is incredibly versatile, has long lasting durability and is easy to maintain. Moreover, it is available in more colors and styles that you can even imagine. In addition to the multiple styles and colors, there are many tile laying patterns you may choose from to turn any room into a unique place all your own. The only downside being that ceramic and porcelain can get cold in the winter time. However, they are both great conductors of heat! Therefore, this is easily solved with subfloor radiant heating. You can even get tile that mimics wood flooring to compliment your existing decor. We go into detail about the many benefits of tile below.

You Should Choose Tile because it is Environmentally Friendly

The world has gone green and you want to do your part. First of all, tile is environmentally friendly because it lasts a very long time. If you were to install a cheaper flooring option that wasn’t lasting, it would wind up in the landfill with a new disposable floor not far behind it. Second, ceramic tile is made from clay that is a very plentiful resource. Third, all of the leftover materials from the manufacturing process are recycled and repurposed into other finished products. Fourth, tile survives fire and floods, meaning that if something happens and you have to rebuild, you will be able to reuse your tile.

Lastly, there are tile manufacturers in every region. Therefore, you are not shipping your flooring across the country. In addition, the materials needed to make tile are available nearby all of these manufacturers so they are not being shipped a long distance either. Take comfort in knowing that you are doing the world a favor by choosing the flooring with the lowest carbon footprint-tile.

Low Maintenance and Easily Cleaned

You can clean your tile with warm water alone or add a low PH cleaner of your choice. There is no finishing or polishing to deal with. However, you will need to pay a little bit of extra attention to the grout. Hit the grout lines with a brush while you are cleaning to make sure it stays clean and your tile will look brand new for a very long time. In addition to being so easy to clean, you should choose tile because it is hypoallergenic.

Endless Design Possibilities

Would you like a tile that mimics wood to compliment your cherry furniture? Perhaps a dark colored tile with a light grout to contrast it? You should choose tile because you can make it uniquely your own. In addition to patterns and colors on the face of the tile, you can get very creative with tile laying patterns. Even choose some tiles of a different color to create a design in the center of the room to accent your furniture. We have went over tile laying patterns in more depth here.

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