Our Skilled Basement Remodeling Contractors Will Turn Your Basement into Your Ideal Living Space

Need to re-purpose your rustic, old basement to create an extra kids’ bedroom, office, lounge, game room, home theater, or any other living area?

As your needs grow, your house can become quite small for you. However, if you have a basement rotting away or segregated as a storeroom, you can remodel it into a functional living space. Remodeling your basement adds utility to your home and increases its future sale value.

Remodeling is not a job for amateurs, at least not if you want to achieve great results while saving costs. Flooring Masters is your go-to remodeling service in New Albany, IN. We will handle the entire basement remodeling process, from repairing any issues in your foundation and plumbing to basement waterproofing, new flooring installation, HVAC system installation, and finishing. So, go on and give us a call to hire professionals.

Hire Us to Turn Your Basement into Anything You Want & Get the Best Service

You dream it; we do it is our motto here at Flooring Masters. Nothing is impossible for our basement to remodel contractors. So, talk to us about your plan for your basement, and we will do everything in our power to turn it into a reality. With us, you can count on:

Expert Craftsmanship

Our remodeling technicians are nothing short of experts in what they do. Our team consists of tile, stone, and wood experts. We also have the best plumbers, electricians, and HVAC specialists. So, count on us to do an excellent job of upgrading your basement.

Thorough Assessment Before Remodeling

Trust that we will thoroughly assess your basement space and structure before we embark on any work. This step is extremely helpful in ensuring all issues, like cracks in the foundation or worn-out pipes that may cause problems later, are taken care of.

Legitimate, Licensed Contractors

Apart from being skilled, all our contractors possess industry-recognized certification. So, be sure that you are getting legitimate technicians to handle your project

Custom Design

Our service is customized to the client’s unique needs. We will renovate your basement to achieve the look and feel you want. And, if you are not sure how you best remodel your space, we will help you make an informed decision.

Free Consultation with No Obligation

Not sure you can afford to remodel your basement? You can talk to us about your remodeling project, and we will advise you appropriately on your expected project costs- no fees and no upfront commitment needed.

What Does Our Basement Remodeling and Finishing Process Look Like?

Are you ready to turn your basement into an attractive living area? Flooring Masters is ready to turn your basement around with the tools, materials, and interior design expertise. But if you are worried about what the process is like, here is a quick breakdown:

Meeting Scheduling

The first step of our process involves setting up a meeting between you and our basement remodelers and finishers. The point is to discuss your ideas and needs regarding your basement and check if foundation repair is needed. To ensure we deliver exactly what you have in mind, we will take measurements in your basement during this phase too.


After you meet with our experts, our basement designers will come in to help your design your space. The idea here is to develop a design that aligns with your vision for your basement. We have great designers to help with your project, be it a children’s play area, game or entertainment room, man cave, or in-law suite with a half bath. Whatever your design needs, we will do excellent work of bringing your vision to life.

Materials Sourcing

Our experts will source the right materials for your project with the design figured out. We will certainly find high-quality materials for your basement’s remodeling and finishing so that you can be sure of stunning results. Note that material costs will be factored in the price.

Remodeling and Finishing Work

Once the materials are on-site, our remodelers and finishers will immediately jump into action. Count on them to deliver the results you have in mind, no matter how short the timeframe. Our experts do their best to complete projects on time to ensure you get back to normal life and start enjoying your improved space as soon as possible.

Want to Turn Your Basement into a Useful Space? Hire Our Licensed Remodelers in New Albany, IN

If you have been thinking of creating extra space in your home for your kids, yourself, or any other functions, you might be interested in remodeling your basement. At Flooring Masters, we have the experience and personnel to help improve your basement as per your needs and specifications. Give your basement a facelift today to enjoy the convenience of extra space without building new rooms.

Call us now at 812-944-6383 to discuss your home project and get a free estimate!

Are you tired of your basement just being a place for storage? Whether you need to turn it into a home office, TV viewing area, or game room, we can help you change your dusty basement into a useful space for you and your family to enjoy.