You’ve probably read some of our testimonials, now watch as we discuss the experience with some of our amazing customers!

Kriss Fee

Ali Guess

Why did you choose Flooring Masters?

I looked on Google, actually, and Flooring Masters had 5 star reviews from everyone. I was like “That’s kinda hard to do.” With renovations I feel that usually someone has something nitpicky. They all had really great reviews so I was like “I’ll call them.”

I called a bunch of different places. I got 5 or 6 quotes and I actually had my Dad look at all the quotes and he was like “You can only go with this guy because he’s the only honest one.” I was like “Okay!” I guess my Dad liked how he did his pricing.

What did you hope to get out of your project?

We did a whole new kitchen, half bath, and we had two full bathrooms upstairs.

What was your experience with us like?

It was awesome. The first thing that they did was the two upstairs bathrooms, and then we ended up hiring them again to do the kitchen and the half bath because they were like family. When they were here they just talked to us, they talked to the kids, they played with the kids. My daughter was like “Can I invite Allison to my birthday party?” We liked having them in the house.

How did you feel about how we treated your home?

Awesome, again, we were sad when they left.

How was our communication with you during the project?

Great! They would text if they were going to be running behind or if anything was going on. It was nice.

Was there anything during your project that you were dissatisfied with?

No, we were thrilled with it.

In your opinion, how could we improve?

I can’t think of anything. We haven’t done too many home renovation types of things. It was beyond what we expected. We had some mess ups from other people that we had worked with. Rob even came back and fixed that and didn’t even charge us extra.

Have you recommended us to anyone else? Why?

I have on Facebook a few different times, I’ve tagged them.

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Thomas Mahn

Why did you choose Flooring Masters?

We were new to the area and we really didn’t have an idea of who a good contractor would be. So I went on the internet, found the website and read some of the reviews and gave it a shot.

What did you want to get out of this project?

Quality work, a refreshed look for the house, at a fair price.

How did you hear about us?

The internet. 

What guided you there?

It was the reviews. Some of the photos from the website steered me towards making the call.

How did you feel about our pricing?

It was good. We had a couple of estimates from some companies in Louisville, and they were definitely taking advantage of the pandemic, and Ralph and his team came in at a good price point.

Have you worked with other contractors before? How do we compare?

Excellent. They were great with the house. Great with the children, the dog, by the end of the project everyone was buddies.

How was our communication with you during the project?

Good, if there were any questions that I had or they had it was telephone, text, whatever worked. Or just in person. And if there were any problems, they came right to me and said “Hey, this is the issue, what do you think?” We hashed it out from there.

In your opinion, how could we improve?

I would be more than happy to use Ralph and his team again.

Are there any stories about your experience you’d like to share or anything else you’d like to add?

We had never done big bathroom renovations and we didn’t know anything about tile. His team was able to guide us through different patterns and styles, and it really made the room pop when it was all done. Their knowledge in the industry is what helped steer our decisions for the design.

*Transcript edited for readability, but no content was altered.

Deb Reece