Why choose tile? Because that sheet of vinyl flooring from the 80s was outdated long before it was torn to shreds. But seriously, when it’s time to update your flooring, tile is always the best option. It’s durable, waterproof, and there are countless colors, patterns, materials, sizes, and formats to choose from. Tile is the most customizable flooring, but it’s not limited to flooring. We are happy to tile the walls of your bathroom, or just a backsplash behind the sink.

Why is Tile Good?

We all know that tile lasts for many years, has no problems handling moisture, and gives us virtually unlimited design options. But why should you choose it over other flooring?

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Versa Tile Design

The most common tile choice is square, and somewhere on the color spectrum close to white. Neutral, square, porcelain tiles have never kept a home from selling, and choosing this design often provides a great return on investment when renovating a bathroom. But don’t limit yourself to that, especially if you plan to stay in your home and enjoying your bathroom for years to come.


There are limitless color choices and combinations for ceramic tile. Homeowners frequently choose neutral colors for their bathrooms, but throw in a few brightly colored accent tiles to add some flavor to their bathroom. If you want a bright blue or red bathroom to match your team’s colors, including a mosaic of their mascot, go for it, but not if you want to sell your home anytime soon.


Squares, rectangular subway tile backsplashes, octagons, hexagons, wood like tile planks, mosaic tile. Tile comes in nearly as many shapes as it does colors. Keep in mind that you don’t have to limit yourself to one shape. We often install square or rectangular tile into showers and transition them into mosaic tile shelves. Square floor tiles contrast rectangular subway tile backsplashes. There are countless combinations.


Most tiles are square, white, and glossy. However, textured tiles are popular for backsplashes. They’re also a great idea to increase traction on shower floors. However, we always recommend mosaic tile for your shower floor. The grout provides traction, and the small tiles provide a lot of creative design options.

Colorful Hexagon Tile Shower

Easy to Clean

Your floor cleaner might ruin your hardwood. Your steam mop might make the veneer on your engineered wood flooring peel away. But you don’t have to worry about what detergents or cleaning agents to use on a tile floor. Want to bleach the entire bathroom to sanitize it? Go for it, tile is very easy to keep clean without worry.

Easy Repair and Maintenance

Natural stone tiles require resealing to maintain them because they are porous. However, most homeowners who choose tile choose ceramic or porcelain because there are little to no maintenance worries. We use high quality grout that seals out moisture and stains and prevents any damage beneath the tile. If you drop your bowling ball while washing it in the shower and crack a tile, it can be fixed in minutes. We always recommend ordering and keeping a few extra tiles on hand for just such an emergency. Also, grout lines must be cleaned periodically.

Disclaimer: Please don’t wash your bowling ball in the shower, or get it anywhere near your beautiful tile.


Hardwood can last a lifetime. However, it is expensive, and requires a lot more maintenance. It has to be stained and sealed, then has to be refinished periodically. And even with it freshly sealed, it cannot get wet. Meanwhile, wood like tile planks are waterproof, and more affordable. Tile can last a lifetime too, as long as it is installed by a reputable, certified contractor with high quality materials.

Tile is Cool

Literally. Tile stays cool, even in summer by reflecting the heat. So if you’d like to keep your feet cool when it’s a sauna outside, choose tile.

Bathroom Double Vanity Patterned Tile Malesha

Types of Tile

There are 6 types of tile that most homeowners choose for their flooring, backsplashes, and sometimes walls.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is made from clay. It’s the workhorse of the tile world. It’s affordable, and also the best choice for most homeowners. For the price, it is incredibly durable. This is why it is chosen more than any other tile. In addition, there are countless colors and patterns to choose from. And shapes from hexagons to rectangular subway tiles to everything else in between. But square, neutral ceramic tiles are the most popular. Especially in bathrooms.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is a finer grade of clay tile. It contains more silica and quartz, and is fired at a higher temperature. This results in an even harder, more durable tile. Once again, the design options that come with clay are endless. Textures, colors, shapes, glazed, etched, patterned. Every homeowner can find a porcelain tile that they love.

Subway Tile

If you’re looking for a small renovation that will transform your bathroom or kitchen, a subway tile backsplash does the job. The addition of a fresh, colorful backsplash behind your sink transforms the room. Subway tiles are sometimes selected for flooring as well.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is usually chosen for backsplashes, and showers only. It completely resists stains, but chips and cracks very easily. It’s not as durable as ceramic. However, it makes a gorgeous backsplash and creates a shower that is something to behold.

Bathroom Natural Stone Tile Shower

Marble Tile

Marble comes in large tile slabs to show off the mineral lines in the stone. It’s an elegant choice, and looks gorgeous. However, it does require more maintenance than the other, more affordable options.

Granite Tile

Granite also comes in a larger format than ceramic tile, and it also shows off the different minerals within the stone, like marble. But granite has an advantage over marble, it’s more durable. It chips and cracks much less frequently.


Other Natural Stone

Slate, limestone, travertine, and sandstone are other popular natural stone tiles. However, like granite and marble, they are porous and require periodic sealing.

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