A bathroom remodel adds comfort and value to a home. However, the actual remodel is inconvenient, so homeowners often ask how they can reduce the amount of time that their bathroom remodeling contractor is working on their home. If you stick to smaller upgrades, and avoid some more complex renovations, it is possible to remodel a bathroom in less than a week. But getting this done in such a short time frame requires a lot of planning and strategy before we come in and get to work. 

How to Remodel Your Bathroom in Under a Week

Does your bathroom have moisture damage? If the subfloor or walls are water damaged, you’ll need more than a week to remodel your bathroom. It is crucial to call a qualified contractor and have us evaluate the current state of your bathroom before you expect to remodel it in under a week. In addition…

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Choose Your Contractor Wisely

The most important part of a fast bathroom remodel is working with a qualified, and experienced contractor. Such a fast remodel will have to be planned in detail months in advance. But as long as you are up front with your goals of a fast project, the right contractor can help you choose which features to keep, which to upgrade, and still meet the desired time frame. 

 If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom in New Albany in under a week, and need guidance on what parts can be renovated in a small time frame, please Call or Email us for a free consultation today.  

Plan and Strategy

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Look at what you would like to replace in your bathroom, and discuss with your contractor if that can be done in under a week. In addition, qualified contractors stay booked months in advance. If you have your sites set on achieving a remodel in under a week, it will have to be scheduled months in advance, and thoroughly discussed with your contractor. 

Keep the Layout the Same

If you need a fast turnaround, under a week, all of the plumbing and electrical must stay where it is. All of the fixtures have to stay in their places. The bath tub, the shower, and the toilet have to stay put. All of the lighting, electrical outlets, and switches must stay put. If you need any plumbing or electrical work, it’s very unlikely that your bathroom will be complete in under a week. 

Minimize Demo

The more that is removed from your old bathroom, the more that has to be replaced. When planning your bathroom remodel for under a week, choose your demo wisely. If you have to demo and replace the walls or subfloor, you’re not going to meet your one week deadline. However, vanities and sink fixtures can be replaced fairly quickly. A new vanity, sink, and backsplash alone can make a bathroom look like new. 

Like New

To achieve such a fast remodel, don’t replace your old bathtub, refurbish what you have. Bathtubs can be refurbished in a day. A bathroom vanity and cabinets can be refreshed with a coat of paint in very little time. A new backsplash above the sink can be installed in a day.  If you need a new shower, don’t have one built and tiled in. Select a prefabricated shower stall that fits into an existing space. 

A Quick Coat of Paint

Simply painting the walls and the vanity, along with replacing the sink and toilet, can be achieved in under a week, and make a bathroom look brand new with very little demolition, and very little inconvenience. Keep the changes small to keep them achievable in under a week. 

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Quick Vanity Fix

If you would rather replace the vanity rather than painting it, this can give the entire bathroom a new feel. If you have other storage options, consider a pedestal sink instead of a vanity. These are faster and easier to install. But if you don’t have enough storage in the bathroom, this might not be an option.

Choose Large Format Tile

If you want to replace your flooring with small mosaic tiles, it is going to take quite some time, and cost more in labor. However, the larger the tile, the fewer pieces to the floor, the fewer grout lines, the faster it gets done. We always recommend choosing tile in the bathroom, and if you want a new bathroom in under a week, choose large tiles.

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What Can I Upgrade In My Bathroom Quickly?


Paint the walls for a quick bathroom refresh that you can DIY.

Beadboard or Wainscoting

Beadboard and Wainscoting can be installed quickly, and make the bathroom look brand new. We’d advise on painting the walls along with this renovation.

Replace the Trim

Replacing the quarter round and baseboards, and running new caulk lines can make your flooring look much better without replacement. Combine this with paint for a quick renovation. If you’d rather not replace it, consider painting the trim along with the vanity.

Paint the Vanity

Once again, a coat of paint really refreshes a room.

Fixtures and Hardware

Replacing your sink faucet, shower head, shower rod, shower curtain, and shower curtain rings is a very fast way to renovate your bathroom. You might choose to install new towel bars and electrical plates as well. All of these changes are achieved quickly. Other easy replacements include:

Toilet Paper Holder

Drawer Pulls

Mirror Frame

Toilet Lever

Bathtub Spout

Shower Handle or Knobs

Fixtures Are Light Work

Replacing your light fixtures, but keeping them in the same locations, is a very fast bathroom upgrade. 

The Flooring Masters team is happy to help you remodel your bathroom quickly, and provide assistance on what parts can be renovated in a short amount of time. Please Call or Email us for a free estimate today.  

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