Whether you’re only looking to replace your vanity, sink fixture, flooring, or backsplash in the master bathroom, or if you’re looking to gut the room entirely and start from scratch, you’ll need some inspiration. We work closely with homeowners everyday to provide that inspiration, help them design it, and make sure that they get the best master bathroom they can get within their budget. Each person and each master bathroom is different. Especially when it comes to choosing tile. There are so many different colors, textures, and combinations, it can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Here are some suggestions to help you find that perfect master bathroom design. 

Master Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas

Have you been showering in a prefabricated, plastic shower with caddies hanging everywhere, and dreaming of a curbless shower with its own built in shelving? We’ve got some master bathroom remodel ideas that streamline the entire room. 

Recessed Shower Shelves

Recessed shower shelves are an elegant and practical solution to enhance bathroom storage and maintain a sleek, streamlined look. Forget the shower caddies hanging from the showerhead, and suction cup racks sticking out everywhere. We build recessed shelves directly into the shower wall. It’s a seamless integration that maximizes space and minimizes clutter. 

Many homeowners choose an accent tile that stands out from the rest of the shower to finish recessed shelves. Mosaic tiles are the most common choice, but if the rest of the shower is also mosaic, you might consider choosing a different color, different shape, or any other option that makes the shelf stand out. Recessed shower shelves are customized to our customer’s preferences, but there are some limitations based on how the bathroom is built.

Curbless Showers, Also Known As Roll In Showers or No Step Showers

A tiled curbless shower flows seamlessly into the bathroom floor. There is nothing to step over, and the tile flows throughout the room. To achieve this, the flooring and subfloor must be demolished, and the floor joists must be altered to create a bowl for the shower to drain into. But the modern look is worth the costs.

Foot Niche In The Shower

Tired of bending down to shave? Does your foot slip off when you try to prop it up in the shower? A foot niche built into a custom shower solves this problem. Choose mosaic tile, and the grout will keep your foot in place. Or choose a textured tile that is non slip, and have a simpler shaving experience in the shower. 

The Limitless Potential of Tile

When it comes to tile, there are countless shapes, laying patterns, colors, textures, and patterns to help inspire you.

Mosaic Patterned Tile Size

Patterned Tile

We’ve been installing a lot of patterned tile and other creative tile designs. Some homeowners only use it on the walls, some only use it for the backsplash. These are excellent ways to create an accent against a neutral colored tile floor. However, the right pattern looks great on the wall, backsplash, flooring, and in the shower. Don’t limit yourself.

There are as many patterns available as there are different shades and shapes of tile. From interesting geometric patterns, to floral patterns, and all points in between. Here’s a place to start looking at different patterned tiles. We love the terrazzo tile flooring paired with a terrazzo sink, and backsplash.

Colored Tile

Most homeowners choose neutral colored tile for their bathrooms, and this is a great way to ensure a good return on investment if you intend to sell your home. Potential buyers love white tile, or hues of neutral blue in the master bathroom. But what if you added a splash of color to contrast that? If you choose a neutral blue, consider a bold blue tile accent wall within the shower. But if you would prefer a more subtle accent wall, consider patterned tile, textured tile, or wood like tile planks to accent the rest. 

But don’t limit yourself to an accent wall. If that’s too bold for you, a few bright blue accent tiles patterned into the main color scheme tones it down a bit. This can be done in the shower, the vanity, and even the flooring, depending on your unique preferences. 

Tile That Looks Like Wood

Have you dreamed of having hardwood floors in your bathroom, but didn’t want to deal with those oak planks inevitably warping and buckling because of moisture damage? Wood like tiles are the answer. They come in planks just like real hardwood, but they are not affected by moisture. And when these wood like tiles are installed along with a Schluter waterproofing system by a certified tile installer, your entire bathroom remains unaffected by moisture. But you still get gorgeous flooring that looks just like real wood. Wood like tile is often used as an accent as well. 

Large Format Tile

Do you want your walls to be tiled, but don’t want the busyness of all those grout lines? Consider large format tiles to reduce the amount of grout. But large format tiles aren’t limited to walls. They can be used for showers and flooring as well. However, large tiles typically don’t look great as a backsplash, and if they’re used in the shower, you’ll need to get textured tiles, or a non-slip mat to prevent slips and falls. We want you to get the exact bathroom that you want, but we want to keep you safe too.

Heated Bathroom Floors

What’s better than a gorgeous tiled bathroom? A gorgeous tiled bathroom with warm floors all year long. We always recommend a Schluter heating system beneath the tile to keep your feet toasty when you exit the shower.  

Hidden Towel Bars and Storage

More and more of our customers are requesting hooks or towel bars on the sides of their vanities, or on the backside of the shower, hidden away from view. Some bathroom vanities are even equipped with a drawer to hold the bathroom trash, and keep it out of sight. This is another master bathroom remodel idea that keeps the room seamless.

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