You’ve been walking atop plain white squares on your bathroom floor, and looking at more of the same white squares that make the backsplash above your vanity for years. You’ve been thinking about how creative you could be with renovating your bathroom, especially with the tile design. You just need a little help to make your bathroom truly your own. Well you can live in luxury with these creative tile designs from Flooring Masters.


The most important decision you’ll make about your tile design is the shape of the tile you are going to use. Many homeowners are choosing long rectangular tiles, and laying them vertically. This gives the appearance of a higher ceiling. Choosing a light color along with this will open the bathroom up and make it appear larger. You may choose the same rectangular tiles, but lay them horizontally, offset like brick, or in a beautiful herringbone pattern.

Luxury Tile Design

There are many tile shapes to choose from:

  • Round
  • Kite
  • Diamond Chevron
  • Arabesque
  • Fish Scale
  • Basket Weave
  • Mosaic

You can live in luxury by choosing any of these creative tile shapes for the foundation of your design. Don’t be afraid to mix and match either. Mosaic tile accents really add some pop to a bathroom redesign.

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Finish is an often looked over aspect of tile design. Flat black sink fixtures have become very popular in bathroom remodel. A high gloss finish on a cool colored tile in the backsplash provides a gorgeous contrast to the fixture, and makes both parts stand out.

More Than Color

Luxury Tile Design

Two toned tiles, and patterned tiles are great design options to live in luxury. There are many two tone tiles that add a splash of color. This creative tile design can be taken a step further by installing some accent tiles to match.

Patterned tiles allow homeowners to get very creative with their tile designs. A white tile with a blue floral pattern compliments matching blue accent tiles, and accessories perfectly.

The 3rd Dimension

Even if you want a white tiled floor and white tiled walls, you can get creative and stand out by choosing a beveled edge on your tile. 3-dimensional, raised diamond or basket weave tiles create a gorgeous backsplash.

Tile it All

Luxury Tile Design

The most luxurious bathrooms have large, natural stone tiles that start on the floor, move into a step in shower, and cover all of the walls. This eliminates worries about moisture damage, and is a luxurious, creative tile design. However, you can still choose a more cost effective tile but still bask in the luxury of a bathroom with floor to ceiling tile.


We are installing more wood-like tiles in bathrooms than ever before. Homeowners get the beauty and warmth of wood with this option. In addition, they get the durability and water resistance of tile.

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