When installing new tile there are many choices to make. You have to choose the tile themselves, hexagonal, square, et cetera. Then the colors. Do you want them to contrast? Do you want a single color? What about the backsplash? Third, the laying pattern. Straight? Diagonal? Irregular? We already went in-depth on tile laying patterns here. In addition to all of these initial decisions, you have to plan the rest of the design of your newly tiled kitchen or bathroom. Will you replace sinks, cabinets, or counters as well? Should you consult a designer? What about the decor? Flooring Masters is here to help you through this process. Read below to sort out your plan of action. We are here to help you with design advice for different tiles.

Bathroom Design Advice for Subway Tile

Subway-tile-300x225Let there be light! Lightly colored subway-style tile in bathrooms is very popular right now. White tiles open the room up as well as brighten it. With white tile, do not contrast the grout color too much. Don’t use black. A light to medium gray does nicely. When choosing white, take advantage of it by using it to accent other design elements. Some colorful cabinetry or other contrasting fixtures will pop against a white background. In addition to your subway tile, you could install some glass mosaics or a tiled bench in the bathroom for unique features.



Living Room Design Advice for Plank Tile

Dark Finish Hardwood Flooring

Plank tiles are created to mimic wood minus the maintenance. You get the durability of ceramic or porcelain tile in a high-traffic area with the warm feel of gorgeous hardwood. Another huge perk of these planks is the ability to heat them.

Even with a straight laying pattern, these tiles are gorgeous, but if you would like to get creative, consider a herringbone pattern. Use solid colored tiles along with the wood-like planks to create a unique design that frames a beautiful rug, or accents other furnishings. When choosing furniture and furnishings, follow the same guidelines you would for the wood it is designed to imitate.


Tile Backsplash Construction

There are so many possibilities with your kitchen. A basic neutral-colored tile with a creative pattern makes a statement in an understated way. If you have white cabinets be sure to add some contrast with your backsplash. A few shades of gray tiles in the same backsplash does the trick. Using mosaic or patterned tiles for your backsplash set against more traditional floor tiles also provides a beautiful contrast. You don’t have to stop at a backsplash. You can create an entire accent wall by installing tile from floor to ceiling! When using a neutral colored tile in your kitchen and replacing your appliances, go with stainless to provide some contrast or white to further accent your unique backsplash. The installation of accent tiles and/or mosaics in your backsplash will make the design uniquely yours.

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