Herringbone Tile Laying Pattern

Herringbone is a classic pattern that creates a very interesting visual effect. For example, we start with rectangular tiles, usually 3” x 6”. However, this layout works with any rectangular tile size. The smaller the tile, the busier the pattern. We form this pattern by laying them out in a V shape at 45 degree angles. Herringbone is a classic, wonderful way to create a more interesting layout for your tile. Choosing a contrasting grout color will accentuate this lovely pattern. Subsequently, this pattern is often utilized for floors. However, it is also a very popular pattern for a subway tile backsplash.

Pinwheel or Hopscotch

The Pinwheel, or Hopscotch tile laying pattern utilizes large, square, slightly offset tiles, Then we use a much smaller square tile to fill in the gap created by this pattern. The small tile that fills the gap appears to be the center of a pinwheel, with the mortar between the large square tiles appearing as the spinning blades of the pinwheel. Contrasting colors are popular for the small, centerpiece tiles, as well as the grout. Utilizing this contrast accentuates the pinwheel appearance.

Random Tile Laying Pattern

When you are choosing a tile laying pattern for a more modern, unconventional space, a random layout compliments this well. You start with a six sided, hexagonal tile, and choose two or more colors to go crazy with! Usually, contrasting colors are used to create various shapes and patterns within the layout. You could do black tile bordering the walls with white in the rest of the floor, and lay out your initials in black in the center, or create a truly random pattern by setting sections of black and white wherever the wind takes you. Choosing more colors creates an even more random aesthetic to compliment your unconventional space!

Offset Brick

If you are looking for an industrial aesthetic, an offset or staggered wall tile laying pattern gives a similar appearance to brick. The method of layout for this pattern is again starting with rectangular tiles, and setting each horizontal row of “brick” so that the grout line between two tiles is in the center of the tile above, and below it. A staggered wall really compliments tile with a handmade or rustic appearance. A similar option is a 1/3 offset, where the tile above is set 1/3 of the way across the tile below, versus a traditional staggered layout, which is set halfway.

Basket Weave Tile Laying Pattern

A classic, timeless style is the basket weave. These are square tiles designed to give the appearance of weaving in and out of one another as they move across the room. This tile laying pattern is a perfect compliment to a bathroom floor with a freestanding tub, and pedestal sink. Unsure of what tile will compliment the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve? Contact Flooring Masters to find the perfect tile, pattern and layout to fit your needs!

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