How to tell a Pro… from a Con

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The Craigslist ad seemed legit at first. Discount Flooring & Remodeling Services wasn’t necessarily the catchiest name for a contractor service you’d ever heard of, but it was the price that really caught your eye: $100 flat instillation fee per room. And that wasn’t even the best part! Wood panel OR tile, it read.  You thought, “I can …

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Slip-Resistant Commercial Flooring

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The number one insurance cost for restaurants is slippage. And it’s no wonder—more than 4 million employees and guests are injured in slips at restaurants every year, costing a total of about $2 billion in medical costs and loss of time at work.  And that’s just restaurants. Whether you’re building a new location for your business …

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Evolution of the Kitchen Backsplash

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Our human ancestors began cooking food outdoors in large pits over raging fires, not unlike the weekend warriors you’ll see at state parks across the country today. But as humans evolved, so did our cooking skills, and the art and craft of preparing delicious (and nutritious) food moved indoors.  Cooking outdoors requires little concern for …

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