23 08, 2022

Maximize Your Basement’s Finished Potential

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When you decide to finish your basement, the possibilities are endless. From a home office to a den to a bar, a basement can be turned into anything that you want it to be. Then decisions must be made about lighting and storage and every last detail of how to get the most form and function from finishing your basement. We have compiled a list of things to

10 08, 2022

Things to Consider When Finishing Your Basement

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Maximizing the space below your main floor can be an excellent two-fold investment: a basement renovation adds practical living space to your home, and can significantly increase your home’s property value. If you’re a homeowner who's ready to clear out the cobwebs and out-of-season holiday decorations and create some new rooms in your boring concrete basement from the (under)ground up, we’ve got you covered. Let's go over some

26 07, 2022

Bathroom Remodeling, Does it Provide a Return On Investment?

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You have been shopping for homes in a new area, and are planning to sell. Your bathroom is out of date and you are wondering if you need a bathroom remodel before putting your home on the market. We want the answer to be a resounding “Yes!”, but the truth is that it depends. Is it so outdated that it will turn off prospective buyers? Then you need bathroom

26 07, 2022

Home Selling Tips: Don’t Neglect Your Flooring

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If you have ever been to a house that had some serious flooring problems, you may remember it as if it were yesterday. The tacky shag of the carpet, or the linoleum curling in on the edges could be a horrifying addition to the stress of selling a home. Flooring may be an expensive upgrade for your house, but it offers so many benefits to your home sale

19 07, 2022

Engineered Wood Flooring Pros and Cons

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Engineered wood flooring is just as gorgeous as solid hardwood because it has a thin strip of hardwood as its top layer. Below that are multiple layers of wood compressed together with adhesives. This results in the beauty of hardwood, without the susceptibility to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Engineered wood allows homeowners to get the same looks of hardwood at a lower cost, and easier installation.  Why Choose

12 07, 2022

Basement Finishing Mistakes

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You arrived here because you have an unfinished basement that you would like to be able to use for something more than storage. Well you’re in the right place. Flooring Masters specializes in finishing and remodeling basements, and we have compiled this list of Basement Remodeling Mistakes to make sure that you don’t regret any of your basement finishing choices.  Laminate Flooring  It is very tempting to install

5 07, 2022

Tub and Shower FAQs

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There are many questions to consider for seniors aging in place. The most important questions are about walk in tubs and showers because most falls happen in the bathroom. Lucky for you, Flooring Masters is your aging in place specialist! We have listed some of the most important questions about walk in tubs and showers. Can Your Floor Support a Walk In Tub? A full walk in tub weighs

28 06, 2022

Walk In Tub Options

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Finding the perfect walk in tub that fits your particular needs, and is in your budget takes some time. Before spending thousands of dollars on the tub and installation, there are many considerations to make. Should it have a shower head? Where should the grab bars be? Is the seat comfortable? Do I want water jets? Does it need to be wheelchair accessible? Before all of these questions send

21 06, 2022

Tile and Grout Guide

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Homeowners choose tile for its durability and versatility. This makes tile incredibly cost effective, especially in high traffic areas. Tile is the most versatile flooring option that there is. You can choose wood-like tile planks, tiny mosaic tiles, or giant slabs of stone, and they all last a very long time. However, tile does come with some difficulties, but we are here to help you with our guide to

14 06, 2022

Small Kitchen Paint Colors

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Choosing the right paint color for your small kitchen can make it feel much larger. If you don’t want to explore some more color options, but are stuck on what they may be, you’re in the right place. We all often use white and neutral colors to expand a small bathroom or kitchen, but there are so many more color options that still achieve this effect. Don’t limit

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