Years and years of built up soot, chipped and cracked bricks and missing mortar, peeling paint, a beat up and stained hearth. Old fireplaces are eyesores, but they don’t have to be. Your fireplace is much more entertaining than your television or phone. Plus it provides a magical, gorgeous warmth in winter that just can’t be duplicated by modern means. Many homeowners look to remodel their fireplace during Summer so it is ready to go before the first cold days come. We have compiled a list of style ideas to show you how to remodel your fireplace. 

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Brick lasts a long time, and firebrick is very durable, but after years and years, firebrick cracks, the mortar crumbles away, bricks fall out, and it needs to be fixed. All of these are problems that keep your fireplace unsafe. So, first thing repair your firebrick. Once your firebrick is in order, you can tend to the beauty and efficiency of your fireplace.

Add Glass Doors

Anyone with a fireplace knows the danger of a log rolling out as they burn down, or a hot ember popping out into the wrong place. We can’t be in front of the fire all night as it dies down. The solution is glass fireplace doors. The heat still radiates out, but the fire stays in. 

Fireplace Efficiency

An old fireplace that you can’t build a safe fire in is nice to look at probably the draftiest part of your house. Your furnace heat escapes from it, and you can’t use it for some extra warmth. Some suggestions follow for making your fireplace efficient, and useful again. 

Add a Gas Option

Today’s gas fireplaces provide the same warm glow as wood, but with almost no clean up. Also, no cutting or splitting wood. No fighting to get the fire going. No getting up at 3am to keep it going and keep your energy bill down. Modern gas fireplaces look much more realistic than those old, little blue flames going around masonry “logs”. There are many, many very efficient options. 

Gas Fireplace Insert

Simply installing a fireplace insert will cut down on your energy bills. This covers many gaps in the fireplace and gives your furnace an easier job, in addition to the extra source of heat.

Mexican Tile Fireplace

Tile Your Fireplace

The Hearth

The right tile around and below a fireplace is our favorite fireplace remodeling idea, and nothing makes a fireplace pop like tiling a hearth. You need that buffer between the fire and the rest of the house in case a log rolls forward, or an ember pops out, and you want it to look its best. 

The Surround

We love tile, and a tiled surround looks gorgeous. However, it takes some time and effort to do this correctly, and have it look its best. Sure, you can just paint the existing brick with white paint, like every other fireplace in the world, but what’s the fun in that? Choose some interesting, artistic tiles for your fireplace surround. There are many many artisanal tiles to choose from out there that can compliment any decor. You can even mix and match if they’re the same size. Get creative with it, and make your fireplace truly your own. 

Which Tile Do I Choose?

There are many tiles that can stand up to the heat, such as terracotta, marble, ceramic, travertine, or slate. We like artisanal tiles for the surround, but since the hearth has to stand up to some heat and other wear and tear, you may want to choose something more durable for that purpose. 

Granite Slabs Instead of Tile

If tile isn’t for you, you can replace your old scuffed up hearth and cover your surround with granite slabs. They’re gorgeous, mostly seamless, and last a lifetime when installed correctly. If you’d like your fireplace to match your granite countertops, this may be the best option for you. 

You don’t have to be a stone mason to have a stone surround. Cast stone veneers look like the real thing, are easier to install, and at a lower cost. If you need to replace your surround, and want stone, take a long look at stone veneer as well. It may be the perfect fit for your fireplace remodel. 

Tin Tile

You’ve seen tin tiles used for kitchen backsplashes in many homes. These work well for an interesting, out of the ordinary fireplace surround as well. If you want a truly unique fireplace, consider tin tile.

Mexican Tile Fireplace



We still have mantels in our homes after all these years. It’s the centerpiece of the room its in, and all of the things that we want people to see go on top of it. A mantel is the best place for framed photos, awards, trophies, and any other conversation piece. If your mantel is old and not salvageable, there are kits to make it new again. Even in a home where the fireplace has been bricked up and sealed, the mantels survive. You can take advantage of this by looking around for reclaimed mantels to replace your old one. A bit of sanding and a coat of paint and your fireplace looks new again. 

Custom Cover

You can cover your mantel on a budget. Cut and fit some pine lumber to surround it. Attach it with some countersunk screws covered with wood putty. Stain and seal it, and you can have a gorgeous custom mantle on a budget. Of course, you may choose to surround it with a hardwood such as purple heart, oak, or maple. Whatever your heart desires.

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