When choosing to install new flooring, these 3 tips on how to choose the flooring that is ideal for you must be considered. The first is maintenance. Do you have the time and energy to take proper care of hardwood? Second is durability. Are you installing in a high traffic area? Third is ease of cleaning. Are you putting a new floor in an area that will be frequented by pets or children? The answers to these questions will steer you toward the flooring that fits your specific needs. If you are a busy professional you are not going to have time for high maintenance flooring. With a large family you need a floor that is built to last. When spilled drinks and pet messes are a regular occurrence you’re going to need a floor that is not vulnerable to spills. We explore options to fit all of these needs below.


For those who have time to take proper care of hardwood or natural stone, it is a great way to add value to your home. If you do not have time to take care of it, but can afford to have someone else maintain it, that works just as well. If your floor is in danger of being exposed to spills regularly, hardwood runs the risk of swelling and warping. In addition, the subfloor can do the same. As long as spills are cleaned quickly, this shouldn’t affect your floor. However, when children and pets make messes, we are often not immediately made aware of it. This is where man made flooring finds its purpose.

How to Choose the Flooring that is Ideal for you – Durability

Durability is a huge concern in these 3 tips on how to choose the flooring that is ideal for you. In any high traffic area, such as the living room, a very durable floor is needed. This goes for any room with a regularly used outside entrance. Ceramic and porcelain tiles hold up to a lot of abuse, but they are cold in the winter without subfloor radiant heat. Vinyl or laminate are a very durable choice and fit any budget. However, they are loud when walked on compared to other options. All of these types of flooring are water resistant if protecting your subfloor is a concern. If there aren’t small children or rambunctious pups in the home, hardwood is a very durable option that holds up for a lifetime. Once it starts to wear it can be resurfaced rather than replacing the entire floor.


You can never truly get carpet clean without replacing it. It harbors dust and pollen and even mold deep down in the fibers. Not a good option for any family that has problems with allergies. Tiles are easier to keep clean but you have to pay special attention to keep the grout looking fresh. Hardwood is relatively easy to clean but is vulnerable to spills, and must be resurfaced periodically. Vinyl planks are very easy to keep clean. They also protect your subfloor against spills and are very affordable options. With these 3 tips on how to choose the flooring that is ideal for you, deciding on your new floor will be a cinch.


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