A brand new color scheme can completely transform your bathroom from the same old same old to fresh, bright and new! You may choose cool colors for a spa feel, warm colors for a cozy place to soak in the tub, or bright vibrant colors to energize you as you step out of the shower. No matter what color scheme you prefer, Flooring Masters is here to help guide you toward a brand-new bathroom.

Vibrant Bathroom Color Schemes

If you are looking for an energy boost of brightness when you are in the bath, yellow hues can achieve this effect. Painting the walls yellow and purchasing some yellow curtains, rugs and towels are the fastest route to an energized appearance. However, you can go so much further with your color scheme. There are more tile and grout colors than you would believe. Install a yellow tile with a soft blue or green grout to contrast it. Paint your trim and baseboards a pale blue or green to contrast your yellow walls and rugs. You don’t have to bathe in a yellow box to have an energetic room. Some cool, calm colored tile walls and floor with yellow up above them achieves the same effect in a more subtle way. Another unique way to incorporate some brightness into your bathroom is by utilizing some hexagonal wall tiles with an irregular pattern of random bright tiles amongst a majority of white or cream.

Cool Colors

If yellow is a bit too bright for your tastes, opt for cooled down chartreuse walls. A touch of green is added to the yellow for the mellow-ing effect. You may contrast this with cream or white tile, trim, and accessories. If you prefer more color than that, a soft pale yellow or blue contrasts chartreuse well.

Pale, cool blue walls are always a lovely color choice for your bathroom. Contrast this with white tile, trim, and accessories. Once again, an irregular hexagonal wall tile laying pattern with white tile interspersed with blue tile is a great accent to this color scheme.

The ultimate classic cool bathroom color scheme is white. Nothing broadcasts cleanliness than sparkling white bathroom tile, tub, walls, towels, grout, and cabinetry. If white on white isn’t your style, some slate gray tile and trim offers a great contrasting style. A more subtle way to break up the white tile is with a grout that has hints of blue. Another method to achieve a similar effect is mostly white tile with some color in the laying pattern.

Unique Colors

Paint your walls a deep red to contrast your otherwise white bathroom. Royal blue is another great way to contrast white. You may even throw a few tiles or accessories that match your deeply colored walls to further this bathroom color scheme. Red and white stripes on the shower curtain and wallpaper create an effect that makes the room appear taller.

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