A basement can be anything that you want it to be. It can be an office, a den, a playroom, literally anything. Remodeling your basement adds value and function to your home. If your basement is unfinished, finishing it out will really add some value to your home. A great way to take advantage of your basement is with plenty of shelving for storage. You can even use it as an extension of your pantry. If you prefer cabinetry over open shelving, that is an option as well. We go over some options for your best 2021 basement remodel below.

Brighten Things Up With Your Best Basement Remodel in 2021

The greatest ways to brighten up your basement are through remodeling the walls, and the lighting. Finishing the walls and adding some warm or bright colors to them will make your basement a more desirable place to spend your time. In addition, plenty of warm lighting will achieve the same effect. Add warmth, comfort, and color by renovating your walls and lighting. While you’re at it, choosing a light colored bamboo or tile flooring to reflect that light will add that much more.


Another great way to make your basement a more desirable place to spend time is by making things convenient. Installing a kitchenette, and small bathroom with a shower will make your basement another home within your home. These additions will also make your basement a great spot for your next party! Especially if you add a pool table, ping pong, TV, or bar for you and your family to enjoy. Another good use for your basement space is creating your own enclosed home theater with a projection screen and a popcorn machine. However, a popular basement remodeling trend for 2021 is designing basements as open spaces with little to no divisions. Of course, these are your options to choose.


With remote work and school being commonplace today, a dedicated space for these activities makes a lot of sense. You can build a custom desk or two during your remodel, and install a false floor to hideaway the cables from your electronics. May as well create some hidden storage in the floor while you’re at it. For more on setting up the perfect home office, check out this article.

A Home Gym in Your Best Basement Remodel

With gyms being restricted for most of the past year, many are seeking to get their heart rates up at home. Dedicate a space to fitness with your basement remodel by installing a tough vinyl flooring, then adding your weights, a treadmill, and a space for bodyweight exercises. You can take this a step further with installing spa equipment. In addition to exercises, a nice sweat in the sauna has many health benefits as well.

Guest Space

You may choose to remodel your basement in 2021 for the purpose of giving your guests a secluded space with all of the amenities that they need. Kitchenette, Bathroom with shower, den, and whatever else you decide to make your basement into. Show your guests that you really care with a dedicated basement remodel that is better than any hotel.

A Play Room for the Kiddos

Want some play room design ideas? Check out this article. And when you’re ready to remodel your basement Call or email Flooring Masters & Professional Remodelers for a free consultation. We know you only want the best in flooring and remodeling. That’s why it’s important to hire the best in the business, and at Flooring Masters & Professional Remodelers, we can guarantee you that’s us.

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