Many people toss and turn over and over in their minds about the true benefits of investing in a remodel. The cost is generally where most people screech to a halt and reassess how badly they truly want this change in their home. However, not all home remodels are purely decorative and for those who “live in luxury.” Many home remodels are actually a very savvy investment. Below are four ways you can remodel your home to gain a higher profit when you decide to sell your home someday in the future. Read on to learn the best home renovations with the greatest return on investment.

1. Tile and Wood Flooring

The biggest draw for a current homeowner to replace flooring with top notch tile or hard wood is the design, look, and durability. Hardwood floors are very easy to clean as well as making them a great addition to your home. But the main attraction to invest in this aspect of a remodel is how this change will return to your pocket when you sell you home in the future.

Most buyers when looking at a home expect hardwood or pristine tile flooring, according to today’s realtors. In fact, when done right, hard wood floors can add up to 2.5% to the sale price of your home. Faux hard wood flooring is also cheaper to install yet can have a similar payoff, but nothing beats real hard wood and the vibe it brings into whatever room it is installed in. High quality flooring is a great home renovations for providing a return on your investment.

2. Bathroom Renovation Return on Investment

Bathroom remodels offer one of the highest average ROIs in the country, out of all home remodels you can embark on. If you think about it, everyone at least needs a bathroom in their home, as we all utilize our home bathroom at least once a day. Remodeling your bathroom and turning that room into a fresh new oasis can up the market value of your home. If your bathroom is still in good condition, then simply touch-ups and small replacements can really change the room. However, if you have a bathroom with cracked tile, mold or broken features, then it is definitely time to remodel.

3. Kitchens

Just like bathrooms, kitchens are another room that, when remodeled, can really bring your home to the next level. Once again, just like your bathroom, you also use your kitchen at least once a day, therefore, this is a critical and important room in your home. When most buyers are looking at a home, they pay closest attention to the kitchen and the features it offers. Updating appliances, replacing tile and flooring, and even going so far as to completely gut the kitchen and start from scratch, can bring your home from a five all the way up to a ten. In addition it is a great home renovation to provide you with a return on your investment should you decide to sell.

4. Basements Renovation Return On Investment

While not all homes or locations generally have basements, when you do have a basement, it can be a total game changer to completely remodel the area into a livable space. A basement can become almost anything you want, but the trick is that with how flexible a basement space can be, it always adds an extra room to your home and that will always increase your home value. You can transform your basement into a second living room, an office or work space, a gym, or even a bedroom. Whatever the case may be, transforming the basement from a dank, dirty, and cluttered storage space into a usable room is never a bad idea. A dry, finished basement is another home renovation that will provide you with a return on your investment,


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