If you would like to live in luxury and add value to your home with natural stone tile, there are several options available. However, they are generally much higher maintenance than man made tiles such as ceramic, porcelain or vinyl. The type of tile that you choose depends entirely on your personal needs. We’re here to help find out exactly what those needs are, and help you live in luxury with the best tile flooring for you!


Vinyl tile has been a popular choice for flooring for a very long time. It resists scuffs and scratches as well as stains and water. This makes it a great choice for any areas with a lot of traffic. Especially those frequented by pets or kids. It is available and planks that look just like hardwood, as well as tile and even groutable vinyl tiles. Vinyl tiles most often come in 9” x 9” or 12” x 12” squares that replicate the look of ceramic. With the great looks, durability, water resistance and low price of vinyl it is the most popular choice for tile flooring.

Live in Luxury with Ceramic Tile Flooring

This tile is made from clay materials that are molded and fired in a kiln at incredibly high temperatures. Ceramic is very durable. It is available in glazed and unglazed varieties depending on if you would like a rustic feel, or the added protection of glazing. Ceramic is scratch stain and water resistant, especially when glazed. However, they may crack when heavy items are dropped onto them. The size of ceramic tile has grown over the years. 4” x 4” and 8” x 8” were once the most common sizes, but 12” x 12” and 18” x 18” are more fashionable options currently. Manufacturers are even producing giant 36” x 36” and 48” x 48” ceramic tiles!


Porcelain is a synthetic material manufactured to mimic the look of stone or wood. However, you skip the maintenance of those natural materials! Porcelain is a great all purpose tile that comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. It is so tough that it is able to withstand the temperature changes outdoors, unlike ceramic. Porcelain resists scratches, stains, fading, and cracking quite well. However, it is more difficult to install than other tile options.

Stone Luxury Tile Flooring

There are many options for natural stone luxury tile flooring. Such as granite, travertine, sandstone, onyx, and marble. It will add great value to your home. However, natural stone tile is going to be much higher maintenance. In addition, it is generally more prone to stains and damage.

Heated Luxury Tile Flooring

Stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles are all excellent heat conductors. They are the best options if you are looking to heat your new tile floor. With these luxury tile flooring options, radiant heat does not expand or contract the tiles resulting in cracking. You get the full benefit of radiant heated floors with these options.

Vinyl tiles can be used with radiant subfloor heating, but it depends on the tiles. Check the warranty on your vinyl tiles for the maximum temperature allowed. You will be limited in how far you can turn up the heat, but you will not have to walk around on a cold floor in winter.

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