The popularity of luxury vinyl coming in both plank and tile format is undeniable. It is nothing like the vinyl of the past. Luxury vinyl is a versatile, durable, water resistant, gorgeous flooring with easy maintenance. This is a result of many manufacturing advancements. It is not the vinyl of the past. All things considered, especially price, luxury vinyl plank and tile is very hard to beat. It is very cost efficient, but not all vinyl is created equal. However, we are going to dissect the details below so that you may make the best decision for your next floor.


Luxury Vinyl in Plank Format


These planks comes in an incredibly wide array of colors, shapes, designs, and sizes. Luxury vinyl planks are designed to mimic hardwood and even distressed hardwood! These designs are also found in varying shades to match the aesthetic of your current room. Luxury vinyl in plank format is water resistant, and requires much less maintenance than the hardwood it is designed to mimic.


Luxury Vinyl in Tile Format


These tiles are available in stone, marble, slate, granite and many other designs. All of these traditional tile designs are available in many shades to match the room you are replacing your flooring in. You may even choose to install groutable vinyl tile and choose a nice, contrasting grout color. No one will be able to tell the difference from natural stone, ceramic, or porcelain tile! However, you will never have to worry about cracks, chips or the coldness of these types of tile. In addition, you may install subfloor radiant heat with vinyl as long as you keep the temperature under 80 degree



Its all in the Layers


Multiple layers of vinyl compose each luxury vinyl plank or tile. These layers are not created equal. The transparent wear layer designed to stand up to foot traffic as long as possible sits atop your luxury vinyl. Furthermore, when purchasing luxury vinyl plank flooring, the thickness of this wear layer should be considered. High traffic areas require At least 20 mils of wear layer. Beneath this is a design print that gives your vinyl its gorgeous appearance.


Furthermore, beneath these top two layers are the core. There are flex core as well as rigid core options. Flex core is a more affordable option, but it shows the imperfections in your subflooring. However, you may purchase rigid core vinyl to hide the peaks and valleys in an uneven subfloor. Wooden plastic composite core, and solid polymer core are the two primary types of rigid core vinyl. However, there are also hybrid vinyl composite core planks available that share traits of vinyl as well as laminate. Lastly, beneath the core lies one last layer of vinyl that contacts your subfloor. Planks vary in width and length as well as thickness. A quality luxury vinyl will be at least 8mm thick. Be sure to consider thickness when choosing your luxury vinyl in tile or plank format.





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