You purchased a new house, and the kitchen cabinets are older than you. The old cast iron bathtub is gorgeous. However, the tile is stained and cracked. You bought the place for the potential, but you need to remodel on a budget. We are here to help! You can repurpose most of those well worn materials for a fresh look that doesn’t cost a fortune. There are many other tricks that save you money, but make your house look fresh as a daisy. Below you will find several methods to update your home without draining your funds.


A simple way to give your kitchen a refreshed look is to paint it. Throwing a new color on the walls will really brighten things up. However, painting your cabinets will enhance your kitchen’s look that much more. The painting part is easy, but proper surface preparation is key. There are several other simple DIY projects for your cabinets that can remodel your kitchen on a budget. These include wallpapering the doors of your cabinets or turning them into chalkboards with paint. Installing lighting above and below your wall cabinets really brightens things up without breaking the bank or your back. Don’t forget that you can stain your cabinets too, and the same methods work for your bathroom cabinets!

Another great way to update your kitchen is by replacing the countertops. You could take this a step further by using reclaimed tile, wood, or granite to replace those old countertops. Salvaging materials will save you money and give your kitchen a wonderfully weathered look. Furthermore, keeping these materials out of the landfill benefits the environment! You can read more about using reclaimed materials here. Take an old dresser that you were going to put on the curb and turn it into a new kitchen island. Simply resurface the dresser, update the hardware, and put it on casters for some extra storage and counter space.

Budget Bathroom Remodel

In the bathroom, an update that costs very little is custom painting your tub, sink and tile. This project along with resurfacing your cabinets is a remodel that only costs you time and paint. Installing a backsplash around the sink is an often overlooked, simple way to remodel your bathroom on a budget. Consider using peel and stick flooring for the backsplash. Resurfacing or replacing the baseboards and other trim can make your bathroom look brand new. While you’re at it, make a frame for your bathroom mirror to give it a sleek look.

A small change that has a big impact is changing the hardware on your cabinets or changing the rugs and curtains. These easy to replace items are so often overlooked. You don’t have to gut the entire bathroom before you can replace the rug or handles! Regardless of what changes you take on, here at Flooring Masters we aim to help you give your home a new look while remaining within your budget.

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