There is a lot that you need to know before requesting for a flooring estimate. This information is necessary to protect yourself from injuries, damages, legal issues and unforeseen costs. Keep reading for a checklist that will protect both parties, and make your flooring installation run smoothly and safely.

Before requesting it you need to know if they charge for a flooring estimate

On the initial phone call or email, be sure to ask this question first. You should know whether you’re going to receive a bill before the flooring expert shows up for an assessment and estimate. A contractor charging for an estimate isn’t a bad thing. Charging for the estimate is a way to make sure that someone is serious about getting the work done. A well as to make it worth their time. The cost of a “free” estimate is often made up for in the cost of the installation. It is important to contact multiple companies to make certain that you find a company that is reputable. The contractor should also be a good fit for your personal needs.

You need to request references.

You need to know that the contractor does quality work at a fair price before requesting a flooring estimate. The way to do this is through references. The contractor will provide you with contact information of previous customers to verify their pricing and quality of work. In addition to asking about the pricing and the work, ask if there were any incidents and how they were handled. A solid company always finds a way to make things right after they’ve went sideways.

You need to know if they are licensed, insured, and have worker’s comp.

You may save money by hiring a friend of a friend to install your new flooring, but you run the risk of paying for it in shoddy work. The even bigger risk is being liable for damages due to the lack of insurance.

Your contractor must also have workers compensation insurance. The only thing worse than paying for damages incurred by the contractor is being sued by the contractor because they injured themselves on your property.

Before requesting an estimate you need to know if your flooring comes with a warranty.

Most contractors will guarantee their work for one year after completion. You shouldn’t have to pay for a contractor to come back and fix something that should have been done correctly at the beginning.

Proof of license, insurance, worker’s comp, and warranty should all be required by you before any work is started on your home. These things protect you as well as the contractor from winding up in court.


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