Do you have a tiny, cramped bathroom that feels claustrophobic because it is painted with dark colors, or has dark tile and fixtures? Maybe the lighting could use some improvement? Since expanding your bathroom is a monumental undertaking, we are here to give you some tips to make your small bathroom appear larger. Read below for 5 changes you can make to expand the feel of your small bathroom space.

Light Colors to Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

Our number one tip to make your bathroom appear larger is choosing the correct colors. The correct colors are lighter shades. Painting your bathroom in these lighter shaded colors really gives a feeling of an expanded space. Cream, white, light grey, and paler shades of blue will really open up your small bathroom. However, choosing the correct colors doesn’t stop with the paint. Choose a light colored vanity along with lightly colored tile and fixtures to maximize this effect. Many homeowners choose light tile with a dark fixture for a nice contrast.

Paint the Ceiling

Another great tip for making your bathroom appear larger is an unusual one. Most people choose textured, white ceilings in their bathrooms. A white ceiling on top of dark walls further shrinks the appearance of an already small bathroom. After you’ve chosen a light, cool color for painting your bathroom, paint the ceiling to match the walls. This continuation of color will really expand the feeling of space.

A Small Expansion With a Big Effect

A tiny tip for making your bathroom larger is adding niches to your shower. These small storage expansions will allow you to replace that bulky vanity with a pedestal sink, and free up a lot of space. These small expansions make a very big difference when the vanity is removed. However, they are a much smaller undertaking than knocking walls out to physically expand the space.

Change Your Reflection to Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

A very simple tip for expanding the appearance of your small bathroom is installing a larger mirror. The reflection of the space gives the appearance of it being bigger than it actually is. The best part of this tip is it is a change that many homeowners can take care of themselves! Trade that tiny round mirror out for a much larger one with a gorgeous frame, and watch your cramped bathroom expand. In addition, you’ll be able to get a better look at yourself with a larger mirror!

Let There Be Light!

Our last tip for making your small bathroom appear larger really sheds some light on the subject. When it comes to design, the most beautiful parts of a room can easily be overshadowed by poor lighting. Great lighting is the foundation of beautiful room design. When you brighten your lighting, and combine this with light colors, the light reflects, and it really opens your small bathroom up. Achieving this effect can be as simple as higher wattage bulbs, or you can go as far as upgrading to some gorgeous fixtures.

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