We have all experienced turning our homes into our entire world this past year. However, since we cannot retreat to an actual oasis and escape the chaos of reality, it may be time to transform your bathroom into your personal oasis. There are many ways to remodel your bathroom. Below are five ways you can turn your bathroom into the perfect oasis.

1. Transform Your Bathroom with Color Coordination

The majority of what the brain processes visually is color. Perfect color coordination enhances the energy of the room. It is no secret that color influences mood. Bright, vibrant colors can promote energy, but they can also cause distraction and disorientation. Moreover, neutral bathrooms can feel more tame, mellow and mature. In addition, white can trick a room into feeling larger while gray promotes a calm ambience. Meanwhile, blue is peaceful and adds a nice pop of color in a neutral space. Most importantly, color really is the glue that holds the entire room together. It plays a huge part in the overall energy promoted, and should be carefully considered when you transform your bathroom into a budding oasis.

2. Lighting

Now that we’ve discussed how color can influence mood, it is time to talk about lighting. Lighting can influence the mood and energy of a room just as much, if not more, that the color scheme. If possible, giving your bathroom natural lighting is one of the best options. Give yourself a window, or leave a present window there.

If a window is too difficult you could even consider adding a skylight for that dose of vitamin D. Overhead lighting with a dimmer switch is another great option. With the flexibility of dimmable lighting you can turn your bathroom from the place you rush to get ready in the morning to the peaceful spa you need at night. You should also consider vanity lights around your mirror when you transform your bathroom.

3. Transform Your Bathroom Storage

Cabinets under the bathroom sink and medicine cabinets are fairly standard for bathrooms, but adding cabinets above the toilet or even a pantry can really level up your room. Also, if you can imagine you’re over at someone else’s house and you’re using the restroom, the bathroom is one of the more embarrassing places to ask for something you need. If there is a pantry, or extra storage in the room that contains toilet paper, towels and many more bathroom necessities, all you’ll have to do is discreetly dive into those spaces.

With friends, family, and guests at the forefront of your mind, and to make your life in your bathroom simpler, consider a bathroom cabinet for your space if you have the room. You can keep extra towels, supplies, toilet paper, and medicine, in an extra bathroom cabinet. With extra storage in the mix, you can also consider a stand alone sink. If you want to go with a freestanding sink, the biggest deterrent is the lack of storage, which you have already rectified.

4. Rain Showers/Vintage Standing Tubs

Vintage bath tubs have an amazing look. Their spacious design make it very easy to relax the stresses of the day away. Every scene from a photo shoot or a film with someone in the bath shows them in a vintage tub.

Not a bath person? Not a problem. You’ll feel just as rejuvenated after stepping into your very own rain shower. We all know that rain is relaxing, and rain showers capture much of this magic. Varying droplet sizes allow overhead showers to accurately recreate the feel of a natural rain shower. This can be one of the ultimate relaxation techniques and take you straight down the path toward a true oasis when you transform your bathroom.

5. Integrate Music

Firstly, when choosing your source of music in the bathroom, it is important to consider that there are much better quality devices than your phone. For instance, shower heads that have built in speakers. They connect to your personal Spotify, giving you the perfect place to relax with some jazz, allowing you to perform that imaginary concert in style. When you transform your bathroom, the ability for it to engulf you in some tunes can take your oasis up a few notches

There are many ways you can make your bathroom feel like an at home spa, and they don’t require completely gutting your bathroom and starting from scratch. With the world spending more time at home, use that time to invest in your space. Mix it up with a nice remodel.

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