There are a lot of myths floating around concerning tile flooring these days. Many of them are based on very old information. Modern advances solved these problems years ago. Read on to learn the details about these tile myths being debunked.

1 – Marble Tile is not Suitable for Wet Areas

This tile myth persists because marble is a soft stone that is very absorbent. This leads homeowners to believe that marble should be avoided in kitchens. However, as long as careful consideration is taken when choosing and installing marble flooring, it works great in the kitchen as long as professional installers apply a proper seal to the marble. Since marble works in the kitchen, what about the bathroom? Marble is not suitable in bathrooms because lotion, hair color, and other products will stain marble.

2 – Gray and Black Tiles Look Dull

With so very many home decor color options to choose from, medium gray and darker tiles are no longer the muted, dull option that they once were. These colors provide an inviting aesthetic to the spaces within your home. This tile myth is debunked since gray and black tile designs can be found all over your favorite social media channels, making it easy to find the right shade for you and your space. A great way to utilize these colors is with an irregular tile pattern. Gray or black tiles with the odd bright color really provides a unique, customized floor that is all your own.



3 – Tile is too Expensive

This simply is not true. There are very high end luxury tile options available, but this tile myth is debunked because ceramic, slate, and marble tiles are all quite affordable. They are also very durable and provide a great return on investment by lasting for many years.

4 – Grout Joints on Wood-Like Tile Make the Floor Appear Fake

The key to great looking wood tile flooring is choosing a grout color that blends seamlessly with the tile. Today’s installation methods allow for very narrow grout joints. This tile myth is debunked because as long as these wood-like tiles are installed properly, they will have a gorgeous appearance just like hardwood.

5 – Tile is Cold

Tile does a great job of maintaining its temperature. When installing these in a basement or ground level floor, and having cold feet in winter is a concern, install subfloor heating to keep your tile at a toasty temperature all winter long. In addition, this will warm the rest of the room as the heat rises. It is a very quiet and efficient method of heating your home.

6 -The Grain on Wood-Like Tile is Unrealistic

Advances in 3-D digital imaging have resulted in wood-like tile taking a giant leap in the authenticity of its appearance. This imaging even captures the texture of the wood, which is recreated stunningly in the wood-like tile. As long as professional installers take care to lay the tile with variation in patterns, your wood-like tile will look very authentic.

7 – Wood-Look Tile Planks Warp and Move

In years past, long rectangular tiles would shift and move after installation. However, modern installation methods prevent this as well as warping altogether. If this is a concern please consult your installer.

8 – Porcelain is Fragile

Porcelain is one of the most durable tile options available. It is a very strong ceramic tile, can be used anywhere, and will last for many years.

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