You arrived here because you have an unfinished basement that you would like to be able to use for something more than storage. Well you’re in the right place. Flooring Masters specializes in finishing and remodeling basements, and we have compiled this list of Basement Remodeling Mistakes to make sure that you don’t regret any of your basement finishing choices. 

Laminate Flooring 

It is very tempting to install a laminate, floating floor as part of finishing your basement. It looks just like hardwood, it’s affordable, and very easy to install. However, laminate flooring is susceptible to moisture. It is not the right flooring for your basement, bathroom, or kitchen because these spaces are prone to moisture. If you are looking for a budget flooring option that looks great, choose luxury vinyl tiles or planks. If you want flooring that will last for a very long time, install tile as part of your basement remodel. You can even get ceramic tiles that look just like hardwood!

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Finished Basement Den

Not Soundproofing

If you are finishing your basement for a quiet office to work from home, to create an at home theater, or for a game room, do not skip the soundproofing. The sound of hard soled shoes on the tile or hardwood upstairs sounds like someone hitting the floor with a hammer in the basement if it is not soundproofed. If you are building a guest bedroom, or apartment in your basement, it must be soundproofed if anyone ever wants to sleep uninterrupted. Soundproofing helps to insulate your basement, and create a smaller area to heat or cool. This is a result of installing a dropped ceiling to hide the soundproofing, more on that next.

Dropping the Ceiling Too Low

Most basements have drop ceilings for the purpose of soundproofing. Soundproofing is a must for any basement remodel, but you have to be careful not to drop the ceiling too low. Taller guests will have to stoop to maneuver in the basement, and hanging light fixtures are not an option. If your basement does not have enough clearance for a dropped ceiling, consult your contractor for your options on soundproofing and ceiling installation. 

Finished Basement Kitchenette

Too Many Rooms

When finishing a basement, it is tempting to build a gym, office, game room, bar, lounge, guest room, and kitchen. However, this will leave every room feeling cramped and constricted. Your unfinished basement is a nice, big, open space. Take advantage of that by creating 1-4 rooms, depending on your design preferences, and the square footage. Don’t build a bunch of tiny rooms when you could have a bar, office, game room, and gym all in one big open space.

Being Trendy

The more bold, and trendy your design ideas are, the faster they will be out of fashion. Remember when everyone had shag carpet? That did not last long. Instead of building an ultra modern bar in your basement, go with a classic feel. A basement bar designed like a speakeasy will never go out of style. The same goes for a lounge or entertainment room. Skip the space age furniture, and stick to something basic that will still work 5 years from now.

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